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IIT Bombay to launch its electric race car

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IIT Bombay to launch its electric race car

Mumbai: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay Racing Team will be launching its all-electric race car designed and developed by the ...

Tesla To Hold Grand Opening Event For Gigafactory This Summer

Electric car maker Tesla Motors is on track its lofty ambition of producing 500,000 electric cars each year by 2018 with the grand opening of its ...

The Last Word

Almost everywhere you go you'll see little white cars actually called Bluecars. They are 100 percent electric, two-door hatchback vehicles. They can ...

The best electric cars 2016

Electric cars are a great way of reducing running costs and your environmental impact, but what is the best electric car, and should you switch to one?

Tesla Gigafactory to Open in July

Other than batteries for its electric cars, the Tesla Gigafactory will be churning out stationary batteries, which store solar power for homes and ...

Bringing out the big guns for show

... other exhibits also making their show debuts are a Routemaster bus and the very latest technology in green motoring – two TESLA all electric cars.

Sri Lanka cuts tax on smaller electric cars, Tesla EV models to soar

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka has cut taxes on popular mid-sized electric cars from 2.7 million to about 1.7 million rupees and sharply raised levies on ...

Electric Lakeland: a Twizy adventure in the Lake District

I'd been hoping for at least a bleat of recognition – the electric car I'd borrowed was branded with a cartoon version of the Lake District's Herdwick ...

Looking ahead to 100 more years at the Indianapolis 500

The high-pitched hum of ethanol-powered engines could be replaced by the nearly silent thrum of electric cars, an idea that might have seemed ...

Autohome Founder's Electric Car Foray Draws Elon Musk Comparison

Chehejia, or “Car and Home,” has raised 2.5 billion yuan ($380 million) in venture-capital funding since Li started the Beijing-based electric-vehicle ...

VW weighs second EV platform

Volkswagen is examining whether its modular architecture for electric cars under development, dubbed MEB, is flexible enough for a top-of-the-line ...

Garden club awards annual scholarships

Each year, the Garden Club presents scholarships of $1,000 each to students who wish to pursue a career in horticulture, environmental sciences and ...

Letter: Electric vehicles have some 'serious issues'
1. Letter: Electric vehicles have some 'serious issues'. 2. French gas shortages fuel interest in electric cars. 3. Appalachian coal ash richest in rare earth elements. more ... ...

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