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Trump Wins, Renewable Energy Investments Lose and Dirty Energy Stocks

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Trump Wins, Renewable Energy Investments Lose and Dirty Energy Stocks Surge

solar energy - Solar companies First Solar, SunPower and SolarCity were down a ... against climate change—and investment in wind and solar power—languishes.

How Trump's election could affect SolarCity

solar energy - Donald Trump's election victory could put a damper on the already-slowing growth of the solar energy industry and companies like SolarCity.

Trump victory batters solar and wind stocks, bolsters coal shares

solar energy - The shares of companies in the renewable energy business plunged Wednesday after Donald J. Trump's victory, and shares of coal companies ...

Trump, GOP victory 'injects new risk' for Tesla, clean tech companies, says analyst

solar energy - Rusch covers a number of solar energy firms, companies that develop technologies for energy efficiency, waste and recycling companies, as well as ...

renewable energy

What a Trump presidency might mean for renewable energy

renewable energy - What will a Donald Trump presidency do to the nation's growing renewable energy presence? The answer is complicated, and mostly unknown, but ...

Transtech a leader in renewable energy

renewable energy - TRANSTECH Distribution (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned Namibian company that is striving to be the leader in the renewable energy sector through ...

Simulation Shows A Renewable Energy Dominated World

renewable energy - Researchers in Finland have developed a model showing how a global electricity system based entirely on renewable energy sources would function ...

Renewable Energy Phone Consultant

renewable energy - We're Australia's fastest growing renewable energy provider, facilitated by a team of Green Entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping ...

electric cars

Is going electric the road ahead for cars here?

electric cars - As a small island with short driving distances, Singapore has a practical set-up for electric cars, which are better for the environment than ...

Toyota Moves Closer To Producing Electric Vehicles

electric cars - Toyota and other Japanese automakers for years viewed hydrogen fuel cells as a stronger alternative to gasoline-powered cars than plug-in electric ...

Jackson S. Minnesota Alternate Fuels for cars The Majority of cars right now run on gas

electric cars - In the future we are going to run out of gas especially since the number of cars is constantly growing. So we advance our electric car programs so that ...

Tesla to end unlimited free charging

electric cars - DETROIT (AP) — Electric car maker Tesla Motors has decided to stop offering unlimited free use of its 734 fast charging stations worldwide, just ...

Factbox: Clean energy faces vote in four state ballot initiatives
1. Factbox: Clean energy faces vote in four state ballot initiatives. 2. renewable energy - Renewable Energy: 13-Year-Old Teen Makes Clean Energy Using $5 Device. 3. electric cars - Renault-Nissan's $8000 electric car could be here within 2 years. more ... ...

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