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Izaak Walton League embracing solar power

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Izaak Walton League embracing solar power

solar energy - OWATONNA — The Owatonna chapter of the Izaak Walton League has embraced solar power, and they hope to increase their reliance on the energy ...

Tesla powers entire Pacific island using solar energy

solar energy - AMERICAN automaker and energy storage company Tesla Motors has powered the Pacific island Ta'u almost entirely from solar energy. | Read more.

GPA: Solar, geothermal energy on the table

solar energy - Most of the qualified bidders are proposing solar energy and one has even proposed geothermal energy. However, the single bidder for wind energy ...

Nova Scotia prepares to launch commercial solar power project

solar energy - "Even without government, solar energy has been developing in this province, especially on the residential side where people have taken the initiative ...

renewable energy

Marin Clean Energy counsel: Communities need 'passionate' people regarding renewable energy ...

solar energy - SAN FRANCISCO – On Oct. 24, University of San Francisco law students hosted a panel of experts discussing Implications for California's energy ...

Tesla And SolarCity Power Entire Island With Solar Energy Microgrid [Video]

solar energy - Tesla and SolarCity have announced a major solar power project, running an entire island on renewable energy. A massive microgrid can cover ...

Duke University plant would turn away from renewable energy

solar energy - Op-Ed By William H. Schlesinger. On whichever side on the aisle you sit, there are a few basic facts established by careful scientific measurements ...

Oregon solar industry calls RETC extension top 2017 priority, and signs of support emerge

solar energy - Legislative support is showing up for an extension, in some form, of the sunsetting Residential Energy Tax Credit, a top priority of the Oregon solar ...

electric cars

New Orleans drops penalties for developers who offer electric charging stations

solar energy - The New Orleans City Council has voted to end penalties for developers who build charging stations for electric cars on parking lots — a move in line ...

Faraday Future is looking at another setback after stopping work at its $1 billion factory

solar energy - Faraday Future, the troubled upstart electric-car company that set out to challenge ... The company initially said it could bring its cars to market in 2017.

VW To Become Your Go-To Source For Electric Vehicles

solar energy - Over the next few years, Volkswagen will change radically. Very few things will stay as they are,” Diess said. “The electric car will become the strategic ...

Sajjan weighs green car ride

solar energy - New Delhi, Nov. 24 (Reuters): Billionaire Sajjan Jindal's JSW Group, which has interests in the steel and power sectors, plans to diversify into electric ...

Hydraflow and SolarCity complete US solar and energy storage project
1. Hydraflow and SolarCity complete US solar and energy storage project. 2. renewable energy - Trump may not snuff out renewable energy industry despite his doubts on climate change. 3. electric cars - Electric-Vehicle Charging Stations Pilot. more ... ...

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