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renewable energy - Results of Mexico's US$4 billion second renewable energy auction

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renewable energy

Results of Mexico's US$4 billion second renewable energy auction

renewable energy - The final results are in for Mexico's second long-term renewable power auction, since the country's energy sector was liberalised following reforms that ...

Chinese snap up Belgian wind

renewable energy - Renewable energy developer Windvision is to sell the 81MW Estinnes wind farm in the Walloon region of Belgium to CGN Europe Energy, ...

Rentel achieves financial close

renewable energy - The Rentel partners include: Otary Offshore Energy; Socofe; Z-Kracht; SRIW Environmental; DEME; Rent@Port Energy; Power@Sea; Elicio Offshore; ...

UK needs clean energy 'upgrade'

renewable energy - The UK's energy infrastructure needs an “upgrade” to ensure resilient and clean supplies, BEIS Secretary Greg Clark said in his keynote speech at the ...

solar energy

Hinsdale and La Grange Park residents praise their solar panels

solar energy - Ironically, it rained throughout the 10th annual Illinois Solar Tour Saturday, but that did not dampen enthusiasm of homeowners' with solar panels for ...

Solar Panels That You Can Walk And Drive Across Debut In North Idaho

solar energy - Go to Sandpoint, Idaho, and you can walk or ride across heavy-duty solar panels in a downtown square. But there's still a lot of skepticism that roads ...

Mission Solar Energy Reduces Workforce At San Antonio Plant

solar energy - San Antonio-based module manufacturer Mission Solar Energy is shutting down the solar cell production line at its plant and laying off 87 workers.

Mission Solar Energy to close cell line, lay off 87 employees

solar energy - On Friday Mission Solar Energy told the 87 employees at the cell line in its factory in San Antonio, Texas that they would be laid off, according to an ...

electric cars

The New Prius Hatchback Doubles Its All-Electric Range

electric cars - It's all electric range, however, is less impressive, with other hybrid vehicles going up to twice as far as the Prius Prime on electricity. The Chevrolet ...

Faraday Future Says LG Chem Will Provide Batteries for Its Electric Cars

electric cars - Faraday Future, the electric car startup backed by Chinese investors and based in California, says it will use lithium-ion batteries made by LG Chem ...

Tesla Electric Car Deliveries Jump 70 Percent In Q3

electric cars - Frequent delays in deliveries have remained a frequent problem for Tesla but it finally appears to be on the path to increase its electric car deliveries.

Faraday Future is working on a maps engine for self-driving cars, hires top maps expert from Apple

electric cars - In September, The New York Times reported that Apple was restructuring the team working on its electric car project, noting that it “shuttered parts of its ...

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