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solar energy - Taking advantage of solar energy

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solar energy

Taking advantage of solar energy

solar energy - Cuomo launched the NY-Sun Initiative with an aim to have 50 percent of New York State's electricity to come from renewable energy, such as solar, ...

SolarReserve announces the world's largest solar plant will power one million US homes

solar energy - California-based energy firm SolarReserve just announced plans to expand its massive Nevada concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in order to ...

London solar strategy due in spring 2017 says deputy mayor

solar energy - The London Assembly Environment Committee questioned the Shirley Rodrigues, deputy mayor for energy and environment, for hours this morning ...

Arizona Public Service Electric Company surpasses hits major solar energy capacity milestone

solar energy - The Arizona Public Service Electric Company (APS) recently surpassed one gigawatt (GW) of solar energy capacity, becoming the only utility outside ...

renewable energy

Experts defend renewable energy after SA blackout

renewable energy - South Australia is a national leader in non-hydro renewable energy, with more than 40% of its electricity sourced from wind and solar power. SA met ...

Oct. 13: Public education, fossil fuels and renewable energy

renewable energy - Vancouver School Board trustees are fighting to keep these programs intact, and neighbourhood schools open, but they are backed into a corner, ...

Park City Joins Forces With International Campaign for 100 Percent Renewable Energy

renewable energy - Park City has been making changes for the community to be net-zero by 2032 for more than a year. On Tuesday, Park City officials joined forces with ...

Scrap Or Overhaul? Trump And Clinton Promise Changes To The Renewable Fuel Standard

renewable energy - As if we needed further proof that renewable energy is a mere afterthought in the 2016 Presidential campaign, we had this question, posed near the ...

electric cars

Electric vehicles set to pass major milestone this year

electric cars - Despite low oil prices, plug-in electric vehicles (EV) are charging forward worldwide, with more than 2 million expected to be on the roads by the end ...

Funding pledged for more electric vehicle charging points across UK

electric cars - Thousands more electric vehicle charging points will be installed on UK streets after £35 million in government funding was pledged on Thursday.

Tesla rival Atieva's first electric car looks a lot like a Model S

electric cars - Using public records requests, Recode has also obtained exclusive images of the car's design and initial manufacturing facility — an electric bike ...

Tesla Model 3 release date, specs, price: electric car's release planned for late 2017

electric cars - The Tesla Model 3 is arguably the most ambitious yet successful all-electric vehicle experiment in the young history of this segment, and judging by ...

solar energy - Solar panels on high-value farmland raise concerns
1. solar energy - Solar panels on high-value farmland raise concerns. 2. renewable energy - New York Must Focus on Renewable Energy Transition. 3. electric cars - You can rent one of these electric cars starting tomorrow in Chattanooga. more ... ...

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Renewable Energy, Biodiversity, Soil

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