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solar energy - Times recommends: Vote yes on medical marijuana, Amendment 2

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solar energy

Times recommends: Vote yes on medical marijuana, Amendment 2

solar energy - And it added the amendment "will not require any change in current or anticipated state and local government regulation or taxation of solar energy in ...

The Far-Reaching Effects Of The Evolution Of Energy Sources

solar energy - Wind energy accounts for 6% of energy production today but is not on an exponential growth curve. Solar energy production currently provides less ...

EDIC Might Sell Solar Power To Another Town In State

solar energy - The Falmouth Economic Development and Industrial Corporation will consider selling energy from its solar array project to other towns in the state, ...

Vasari Energy Buys Arizona Land For 68 MW Solar Project

solar energy - Vasari Energy Inc., a California-based solar energy provider, has signed a contract to purchase 450 acres of land in Maricopa County, Ariz., for the ...

renewable energy

Germans to pay higher surcharge for renewable energy in 2017

renewable energy - FRANKFURT, Oct 14 (Reuters) - German consumers will have to pay a higher surcharge to help fund renewable energy next year despite government ...

African Legal Innovations in the Renewable Energy Sector

renewable energy - Africa enjoys a gigantic renewable energy potential which remains vastly under-exploited and unevenly allocated throughout the continent.

Aquila nets Swedish wind

renewable energy - “Google has been carbon-neutral since 2007 and we are committed to powering 100% of our operations with renewable energy sources,” Google ...

German surcharge for renewable energy at 6.88 cents in 2017

renewable energy - FRANKFURT Oct 14 (Reuters) - A surcharge levied on German consumers to support renewable power will rise by 8.3 percent next year, despite ...

electric cars

You Won't Believe This 205 MPH Electric Corvette's Shocking Price Tag

electric cars - An up-close inspection of the car reveals not only impressive craftsmanship, but also a bit of showmanship, as the car's underhood electric ...

Electric cars to dominate roads of wealthy cities by 2030, predicts report

electric cars - A new report predicts electric cars could account for two thirds of the cars on the roads of 50 major world cities by 2030.

Ferrari has a good reason for staying away from all-electric cars

electric cars - Electric cars might make up only a tiny percentage of global auto sales, but they've become a technology upon which numerous automakers are ...

Electric car road priority changes branded 'baffling'

electric cars - Government proposals for five UK cities to adjust their road layouts to benefit electric cars, including giving the vehicles priority at traffic lights, has ...

solar energy - Taking advantage of solar energy
1. solar energy - Taking advantage of solar energy. 2. renewable energy - Experts defend renewable energy after SA blackout. 3. electric cars - Electric vehicles set to pass major milestone this year. more ... ...

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