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No on Amendment 1

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solar energy

No on Amendment 1

solar energy - I am the wife of an advocate for solar power who has spent years supporting businesses like SALT (Sea Air Land Technology) service in Marathon, ...

Yukon parties lay out plans for renewable energy

solar energy - Leader Liz Hanson says helping home owners with solar panels is just one of the ways an NDP government would help Yukoners become greener.

Viewpoints: How will Arizona value rooftop solar?

solar energy - A look at the size and scope of Arizona's solar industry, according to figures from the Solar Energies Industry Association. Photo by Nick Oza/The ...

Why Efficiency Is Now King in Rooftop Solar Energy

solar energy - Silevo's website says it can produce solar modules with efficiency of up to 18.4%, which is on the higher end of today's commodity modules.

renewable energy

Yukon parties lay out plans for renewable energy

renewable energy - The first full week of the Yukon election campaign ended with the three major parties making promises about renewable energy, and the Yukon Party ...

Statewide Energy Competition Aims to Curb Climate Change

renewable energy - It's part of an effort to produce 50 percent renewable energy by the year 2030. State officials say they will award up to $5 million to the most ...

Calls made for Scottish independent electricity supply to boost North-east

renewable energy - Mr McCaig said the loss of UK Government funding for Scottish renewable energy projects added to the argument powers over a network should be ...

400 ppm CO2: The Case For Renewable Energy

renewable energy - Renewable energy can also have a significant impact on improving local environment and public health by reducing pollution caused by Short Lived ...

electric cars

Volkswagen Board Member: PHEVs Aren't “A Logical End Place To Go For”

electric cars - The company claims to be pursuing electric vehicle technologies, but it seems to be far behind leaders in the field, and even the leaders leave a lot to ...

Senator Proposes Monthly Incentive For Electric Car Commuters

electric cars - If you use an electric car to commute to work, Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio would like to give you an incentive of up to $250 a month to do so.

Companies race to make electric cars mainstream

electric cars - When Tesla Motors announced in March it would build a new, all-electric car at a starting price of $35,000, it was a turning point for the company.

Audi Cancels R8 E-Tron Supercar After Disappointing Sales

electric cars - A four motor all electric supercar with outstanding performance but no ... The R8 e-Tron is a victim of the rapid changes in electric car technology that ...

solar energy - Times recommends: Vote yes on medical marijuana, Amendment 2
1. solar energy - Times recommends: Vote yes on medical marijuana, Amendment 2. 2. renewable energy - Germans to pay higher surcharge for renewable energy in 2017. 3. electric cars - You Won't Believe This 205 MPH Electric Corvette's Shocking Price Tag. more ... ...

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