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Minnesota receives $2 million federal grant to boost solar energy

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solar energy

Minnesota receives $2 million federal grant to boost solar energy

solar energy - Solar panels stretch across Eichten's solar farm. About 15,000 solar panels line four acres of Ed Eichten's farm in Center City, Minn. on Wednesday, ...

KNOW YOUR VOTE: Amendment 1 on solar energy

solar energy - ST PETERSBURG — Amendment 1 is about solar energy, but it's pretty controversial. Its main funders are Florida's big power and energy companies.

Construction wraps up on largest solar power facility in Midwest

solar energy - MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Construction has wrapped up on a $180 million solar farm in Minnesota that's billed as the largest single solar power facility in ...

New perovskite solar cell design could outperform existing commercial technologies

solar energy - Cross-section of a new tandem solar cell designed by Stanford and Oxford scientists. The brown upper layer of perovskite captures low-energy ...

renewable energy

Renewable Energy Is About to Get Supersized

renewable energy - Renewable Energy Is About to Get Supersized. Investors are pouring money into supergrids, which can carry electricity generated by huge but remote ...

International Renewable Energy Conference kicks off in Baku

renewable energy - International Renewable Energy Conference has today started in Baku as part of the 7th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development.

(part-time), Renewable Energy in Indigenous, Northern and Remote Communiites

renewable energy - Under the supervision of Dr. Toddi Steelman, the Renewable Energy in Indigenous, Northern and Remote Communities is seeking a project manager ...

Indian Renewable IPP Mytrah Energy Looks To Raise $300 Million

renewable energy - Yet another Indian renewable energy IPP is looking to sell an equity stake to ... Mytrah Energy plans to have an operational capacity of 1 GW within 12 ...

electric cars

This Is Fisker's New Tesla-Fighting Electric Car

electric cars - It's a common misconception, but Henrik Fisker's new electric sedan does not have gullwing doors. Those are butterfly doors, like the ones on the ...

The Oil Industry Versus the Electric Car: A Fight for Equal Ground

electric cars - The oil industry in 2003 must have been certain they had witnessed the death of the electric car. Along with auto manufacturers and government forces ...

Drivers urged to go electric with interest-free Government loans up to £35k

electric cars - DRIVERS have been urged to take advantage of zero-interest loans to purchase an electric car before the Scottish Government funded scheme ends.

Mini Turbine 'Wind Trees' Could Generate Power for Homes, Electric Cars

electric cars - A renewable energy innovation called a "wind tree" contains "leaves" that act as mini wind-turbines to generate electricity. The wind trees in this ...

India offers solar plant in Trincomalee
1. India offers solar plant in Trincomalee. 2. renewable energy - Abstract. 3. electric cars - Why Toyota won't make a Prius SUV. more ... ...

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Renewable Energy, Biodiversity, Soil

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