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Western Solar—Collaboration Brings Energy to Lydia Place

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Western Solar—Collaboration Brings Energy to Lydia Place

solar energy - Most recently, they began working with Lydia Place to bring solar power to the Baker Place property, a space dedicated to providing safe housing and ...

Musk Introduces Solar Shingles To Replace Conventional Solar Rooftops

solar energy - The solar panels are also meant to work well with the wall-mounted Tesla batteries that the company is now offering for residential and even business ...

INTERVIEW-Solar could have role in new Australia copper mine

solar energy - However, Oz Minerals Managing Director Andrew Cole said solar panels could potentially supplement the energy needs of the company's A$975 ...

Bukit Panjang Community Club to be first in Singapore to have solar panels

solar energy - The solar panels, expected to be installed by 2017, are expected to generate at least 9 per cent of the building's energy consumption and help it save ...

renewable energy

ADB boosts Pakistan wind

renewable energy - “This wind farm is a major contributor to Pakistan's drive to scale up renewable energy use and to reduce its reliance on coal and petroleum for power ...

You're reading: Ukrainian Alternative Energy Forum

renewable energy - Ukrainian Alternative Energy Forum '16 will be held on November 3, 2016 in Kyiv. This is the first international forum focused on investment ...

Want to learn about aggregated energy deals? A university lesson

renewable energy - As renewable energy costs have fallen dramatically over the past few years — about 60 percent for solar and 40 percent for wind power since 2008 ...

'India to get electricity from offshore wind energy in 5 yrs'

renewable energy - "It would take three to five years that we see commercial offshore winds projects in India," said Steck who is an expert in renewable energy at DNV GL, ...

electric cars

VW switch to electric cars to cost over 10000 jobs: report

electric cars - FRANKFURT - Volkswagen plans to cut more than 10,000 jobs in coming years as the German auto giant switches its focus to making electric cars in ...

Road map outlined for new energy industry

electric cars - New energy autos in the country include electric cars, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles, excluding hybrids like Toyota Motor Corp's Prius.

Electrify your ride: bikes with a different plug!

electric cars - Finally push has come to shove in the e-electric vehicle business. After a decade of dithering, government has finally decided to encourage ...

Study sparks electric vehicles debate

electric cars - Should rural businesses plug into electric vehicles? That's what a recent study in rural Warwickshire sought to answer. The results of the study, ...

Power to the people: how to profit from a solar farm
1. Power to the people: how to profit from a solar farm. 2. renewable energy - Silicon Sand Dunes a vital cog in energy development. 3. electric cars - Driving an eRally Renault Zoe - the world's first junior EV rally car. more ... ...

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Renewable Energy; Biodiversity; Organic Food; Soil, Plant Science

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