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Renewable-energy offers viable alternative to power woes

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Renewable-energy offers viable alternative to power woes

Renewable-energy generation and its integration into the power grid are enjoying a growing consensus as to their value and potential performance.

Paris Motor Show, plug-in electric car sales, Karma Revero vs VLF Destino: Today's Car News

Today, we preview the green cars of the 2016 Paris Motor Show, tally plug-in electric car sales for August 2016, and compare the Karma Revero and ...

Federal funds to back Portland storefront for electric-car marketing, pop-up roadshows

The advocacy group plans to set up a permanent storefront in downtown Portland that will showcase a variety of electric vehicles and charging ...

Boulder Commits to 100% Clean Energy

Boulder now represents the 17th city in the U.S. to commit to be powered by clean, renewable energy like wind and solar, and is the second city in ...

Electric Ubers are Coming to London

50 electric vehicles will come to London over the course of next month, as part of the company's Uber X service. It's being done in collaboration with ...

Toronto electric car owner stuck trying to charge car on the street

Todd Anderson is an electric vehicle owner who's been battling with the city over how to charge his car. (Rene Johnston / Toronto Star) | Order this ...

MPs: 'Electric car growth is too slow'

The uptake of electric vehicles is too slow because of the government's failure to invest properly in rapid charging infrastructure, claims MPs. Ministers' ...

GE Labels Floating Offshore Wind Turbines The Renewable Energy Of The Future

Commenting on recent developments conducted with French naval shipbuilding and energy company DCNS, GE Renewable Energy has labelled ...

3500 UK Churches Convert To Renewable Energy

Around 2,000 of the switches come from 16 Catholic dioceses which are running entirely on renewable energy, some of whom made the decision ...

Mexico's second renewables tender receives 577 technical bids

She said Cenace, the government power agency, will determine how much renewable energy capacity will be tendered in the 2017 auction.

Plug-in electric car sales for August: Volt sells at twice Leaf rate

The third best-selling electric car in the U.S. has been the Tesla Model S. But Tesla Motors refuses to release sales data broken down by country or ...

Brexit: voyage into the unknown

The renewable-energy sector will spend the next few years watching anxiously while the UK negotiates the precise terms of its withdrawal from the EU ...

PUD commision considers renewable energy sources
1. PUD commision considers renewable energy sources. 2. States Are Leading Winds Of Change In US Renewable Energy Revolution. 3. Renewable Energy Vermont Statement on Final Draft Net Metering Rule. more ... ...

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Renewable Energy, Biodiversity, Soil

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