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Vattenfall Creates New Wind Jobs, Invests In Renewable Energy

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Vattenfall Creates New Wind Jobs, Invests In Renewable Energy

Vattenfall, a Swedish energy company working toward a renewable energy system, says that it will create 130 new jobs in its wind business area to be ...

Salim Group revives renewable energy bid

Conglomerate Metro Pacific Investments Corp., a unit of the Salim Group of Indonesia, has revived plans to venture into renewable energy sources by ...

Why Tesla Need To Speed Up The Model Y Launch

Hyundai and Audi will launch their electric SUVs by 2018. Volvo plans to bring two electric vehicles by 2019, and at least one of them will be an SUV.

Volkswagen Scandal Pushes French Rival to Cut Back on Diesel

ELECTRIC CARS. While the VW scandal centered on the German carmaker's cheat software, it also focused public attention on an industry-wide ...

Holyrood to map energy future

Holyrood also promised £10m to support community energy schemes and said it would consult on plans for a Scottish Green Energy Bond and a ...

Georgia realizing dozens of renewable energy projects

Thirty-one renewable energy investments projects, worth $2.93 billion, are at the licensing and construction stages in Georgia, said Georgia's energy ...

Daimler to launch at least six electric cars, perhaps even nine

In response to the success of Tesla Motors, established German luxury automakers are getting serious about electric cars. Audi and Porsche are both ...

Lamb Discusses the Elements Underpinning the Rise in Renewable Energy

In this episode, she looks at the key areas supporting increased renewable energy use: net metering, the Clean Power Plan, tax policies and ...

Strong Demand Drives China Vehicle Sales In 1H2016

While auto analysts attribute the unexpected strong demand at least ... In 2015, sales of NEVs (pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids) in China ...

Wind school calls Blyth home

Northumberland College is set to open a new training centre for renewable energy at the Port of Blyth in northeastern England. The £1.2m Wind Hub ...

Massive support for community renewable energy

A new opinion poll of 2,000 adults reveals more than two thirds of the public support renewable energy schemes where projects are undertaken at a ...

After Years of Underperformance, This Clean Energy ETF is Looking Up

From Tony Daltorio: Following a multi-year downturn in the sector, things are looking up for green energy — which is great news for investors.

SPECIAL REPORT: Balance of Power
1. SPECIAL REPORT: Balance of Power. 2. Hopes rise as Soorya Bala Sangramaya solar energy campaign reaches day four. 3. Mexicans add 252MW local gem. more ... ...

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