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$2 bliion renewable energy fund goes in NIIF lap

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$2 bliion renewable energy fund goes in NIIF lap

The Central government has decided to direct the ambitious $2 billion fund for the renewable energy fund to the National Infra Investment Fund (NIIF) ...

Electric cars - why don't people buy them? | Made in Germany - Talk

High prices, limited ranges and inadequate infrastructure are some of the factors that make car buyers in Germany reluctant to go electric.

Volkswagen May Produce Electric Cars In China

Ltd. or JAC to explore cooperation between the two companies in the joint development of electric vehicles in China. Volkswagen is making an ...

'Bleak picture' for local heroes

The fall – 76 green energy start-ups registered in 2015 – follows a series of policy changes by government, including abolishing tax relief and cutting ...

It's time to acknowledge rising consumer demand for renewable energy

It's time to recognise this demand for renewable energy by reporting on national consumption, and not only production, of renewables, writes Jared ...

IFC directs about $240 million to renewable energy projects in Turkey and Armenia

About $240 million was directed to renewable energy projects in Turkey and Armenia, to support the rehabilitation and development of hydro, solar ...

Gone with the wind: Has solar left wind behind in the renewable energy race?

New Delhi: India may have set for itself a very aggressive and ambitious target to boost renewable energy generation in the country but the industry ...

Machinex installation underway in Scotland

... to provide a material recovery facility (MRF) for the energy-from-waste (EFW) project for Levenseat Renewable Energy Ltd. in Lanark, Scotland.

Renewable Energy Group pays off $100 million in Go Zone bonds for Geismar refinery

Renewable Energy Group Inc. has paid off the $100 million in Gulf Opportunity Zone bonds used to finance the company's 75-million-gallon ...

Germans fuel Vikram growth

German company Teamtechnik has signed a memorandum of understanding with Vikram Solar to design production lines and supply plant ...

Volkswagen to build electric cars in China

Starchy enters race to be the sixth taste · Volkswagen to build electric cars in China. Posted On 07 Sep 2016. By : Matt Goldapper · Comment: 0 ...

ERIIP Showcase - Renewable energy, nuclear and power systems

The webinar will focus on Renewable Energy, Nuclear and Power sectors. Background Decision-makers are increasingly faced with the challenge of ...

Vattenfall Creates New Wind Jobs, Invests In Renewable Energy
1. Vattenfall Creates New Wind Jobs, Invests In Renewable Energy. 2. Salim Group revives renewable energy bid. 3. Why Tesla Need To Speed Up The Model Y Launch. more ... ...

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