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US eyes 86GW offshore

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US eyes 86GW offshore

The US today unveiled a national strategic plan that paves the way for construction of 86GW of offshore wind by 2050. Energy secretary Ernest Moniz ...

UK Government To Miss 2020 Renewable Energy Targets

The UK's overall renewable energy target is made up of three facets: sourcing 30% of its electricity, 12% of its heat energy, and 10% of transport ...

Clean Energy Accessibility for Emerging Markets

Clean energy has never been so accessible for developing countries with prices for renewables such as solar PV, dropping.

French company to contribute to India's renewable energy targets

French companies are looking for partnerships in India to contribute to the country's renewable energy targets through innovative solutions and ...

Mytrah Energy Wins Renewable Energy India Award 2016 as

NEW DELHI, September 9, 2016/PRNewswire/ --Mytrah Energy, one of Indias largest independent power producers in renewable energy bagged the ...

Free charging for electric-car owners at EVgo network for National Drive Electric Week

Scheduled for September 10 through 18, the event is composed of numerous local gatherings that celebrate and promote electric cars. The EVgo ...

Nick Xenophon Team's decision to block ARENA cuts puts pressure on Labor

The fate of future funding for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) now rests firmly with the Federal Opposition, after the Nick Xenophon ...

Shock therapy

With 400,000 orders for the Model 3 already, Musk expects to produce 500,000 electric vehicles (EVs) a year by 2018, six times this year's goal.

Electric car charging point for Alton

A charging point for electric cars is to be installed in Alton by East Hampshire District Council. The council already has four chargers at its Penns Place ...

How has Costa Rica managed 100% renewable energy?

A recent report out of Costa Rica revealed that the Central American country has been running solely on renewable energy for the past two months ...

UK to miss its 2020 renewable energy target, say MPs

(ShareCast News) - Britain will miss its renewable energy generation target by 2020, a committee of MPs warned, as it said even with the Brexit vote ...

This tiny nation has generated 100% of its power without any oil or gas for the past 2 months

According to a report from Grupo ICE, the country's utilities conglomerate, Costa Rica has been running on 100% renewable energy sources for over ...

Variable Renewable Energy Sources Integration in Electricity Systems 2
1. Variable Renewable Energy Sources Integration in Electricity Systems 2. 2. Germanys dominant position is challenged as renewable energy demand continues to grow in .... 3. Sono Motors launch innovative electric vehicle. more ... ...

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