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GM commits to achieving 100-percent renewable energy use by 2050

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GM commits to achieving 100-percent renewable energy use by 2050

Several automakers have made efforts to use renewable energy at their factories and offices in order to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the cars ...

China praised for renewable energy investment

A full solar power vehicle is presented during a ceremony held by Chinese renewable energy company Hanergy Holding Group in Beijing, capital of ...

Abandoned Aussie gold mine to become renewable energy hub

The technique allows the storage of renewable energy from wind and solar, instantly transmitting it to the grid during periods of peak demand, or in the ...

How do you charge your electric car if you don't have a parking spot?

Switching to all electric cars in our cities would do wonders for air quality and noise pollution, but in many older cities, a lot of people do not have ...

Alberta maps clean power drive

Alberta has unveiled plans to install 5GW of wind, hydro and solar energy capacity to meet a new renewable energy target of 30% by 2030. “Growing ...

DOI finalizes Phase 1 for California desert renewable energy development plan

The Department of Interior unveiled plans yesterday for renewable energy development and conservation efforts on 10.8 million acres in the California ...

Obama Administration Drastically Restricts Renewables in Southern California Desert

After eight years of work, the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) will effectively foreclose ...

Amazon plans Texas delivery

Amazon will purchase about 90% of the power generated by the wind farm, which will be the company's largest renewable energy project to date.

'About a dozen' Magna engineers working on Apple's electric car, 'Project Titan' - report

Given Magna's specialty, however, it could be that Apple is still planning to build a full-fledged vehicle, even with the New York Times suggesting the ...

VW To Unleash 20 EVs By 2020 As Dieselgate Turns Into Tesla's Tarbaby

By 2020, a little more than three years from now, the Volkswagen brand alone wants to have 20 new electric vehicles in the market, workers were told.

Chevy Bolt EV electric car shows GM can do Silicon Valley, exec says

Now, General Motors has weighed in with a suggestion that its 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car shows it can compete effectively with Silicon Valley.

Obama sets aside 10 million acres in California for renewable energy and conservation

Nearly a decade in the making, phase one of the Desert Renewable Energy and Conservation Plan, or DRECP, provides a blueprint to help meet ...

Plat-O tidal nears completion
1. Plat-O tidal nears completion. 2. Siemens switch for Wild Rose. 3. Global Energy Investment Drops 8% In 2015 Despite Strong Interest In Renewables. more ... ...

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Renewable Energy, Biodiversity, Soil

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