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renewable energy - Energy policies to push up prices: Grattan report

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renewable energy

Energy policies to push up prices: Grattan report

renewable energy - “This uncertainty is not helped by state governments progressing with their own renewable energy targets,” the report says. The targets for intermittent ...

State renewable schemes distorting the NEM, says Josh Frydenberg

renewable energy - Victorian Energy Minister Lily D'Ambrosio, who will travel to Latrobe Valley again on Monday to talk to community leaders, said they had been advised ...

Support for world-leading action on climate change skyrockets

renewable energy - Mr Connor thinks that the Coalition and Labor's recent compromise to retain funding for renewable energy agency ARENA marks an end of the ...

NRC, JUST provide training on solar photovoltaic technology

renewable energy - The training is part of NRC's Renewable Energy project, which is implemented in collaboration with the European Union (EU) and the Ministry of ...

solar energy

Sol vs. Sol, for the fate of humanity

solar energy - Calling the ongoing plunge in solar-power prices “remarkable” would be far too conservative. Let's go with the word it deserves: “revolutionary.”.

Solar project to bring jobs to unemployed coal workers

solar energy - A solar energy company has announced a new project in Southern Illinois that will retrain former coal industry workers in renewable energy.

Solar sector needs new debt instruments to bring down cost of capital: Rajya Wardhan Ghei

solar energy - Eminent panelists like Rajya wardhan Ghei, CEO, Domestic Solar Hindustan Power; Kasi Viswanathan Director, Solon GmbH; Monika Rathi, Head ...

Caron: PUC puts big business ahead of Maine

solar energy - The state should encourage energy independence, not send more of our ... support for homeowners and small businesses that install solar panels.

electric cars

Renault Announces Delivery Of 100000th Electric Vehicle, To Man In Oslo, Norway (Unsurprisingly)

electric cars - While the milestone is a major one, it does show that Renault is still lagging a fair bit behind its alliance partner Nissan with regard to electric vehicle ...

Formula E electric-car race coming to New York City next July

electric cars - But could the Big Apple soon become known for... electric race cars? The Formula E electric-car race series is coming to New York City next summer, ...

Mercedes-AMG tease a new car for Paris - and it could be an electric AMG Crossover

electric cars - Mercedes-AMG has released a pair of teaser photos on Instagram showing a peek at t he front and back of a new AMG, which looks like an electric ...

Nissan's Leaf is Not the Only Electric Car, New One Under Development

electric cars - The automobile brand is now ready to follow up with a successor to the electric car but they might probably make it smaller and compact so as to make ...

renewable energy - 'Summer special' sale on solar energy an interesting precedent
1. renewable energy - 'Summer special' sale on solar energy an interesting precedent. 2. solar energy - Dip in price leads to solar power 'curtailment'. 3. electric cars - Electric cars. more ... ...

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Renewable Energy, Biodiversity, Soil

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