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VIDEO: Taking control of health spending

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VIDEO: Taking control of health spending

Greater Manchester will become the first English region to gain control of its health spending on Friday.

Orthorexia and the dangers of healthy eating

With more of us turning to the internet for food and fitness tips, experts are concerned that it's fuelling a dangerous but unrecognised eating disorder.

FMH sets up free nutritional camp, bake sale

LAHORE: Free Nutritional Camp and Bake Sale was held by Fatima ... The School of Nutrition is a Nutritional Consultancy Company for Health and ...

Intermittent fasting: The latest diet craze

Even a recent Time magazine article touts the diet's popularity, quoting studies on the possible health benefits. The most recent version of the diet is ...

Combining fortified food, supplements can be excessive

It's no secret that eating a healthy diet filled with essential nutrients is good for you, but Consumer Reports found out you really can get too much of a ...

Demand for low-carb diet gathers momentum, with or without official tick

GPs know patients with diabetes, obesity and chronic conditions who have had success eating a “low-carb, healthy fat” diet, Professor Schofield says.

Weight-loss expert examines the pros and cons of 4 popular diets

The Mediterranean diet is one of the best ways of eating out there, as proven by many scientific studies of the health benefits it provides. The principles ...

Obama guidelines are harming the planet and us
1. Obama guidelines are harming the planet and us. 2. Diet and exercise to reduce breast size naturally. 3. Want feedback about what you eat? Log your diet online. more ... ...

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