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Diet changes for menopause

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Diet changes for menopause

Putting on weight is not inevitable, though you just need to make the right food choices. Luckily a healthy diet can also help you control some of the ...

Can you be too fit for a heart attack?

Working out every day and eating healthy doesn't mean you're immune to the ... "We want to really make sure we are having a healthy heart diet with ...

Why Fat People Stay Fat & Thin People Stay Thin

Either you can provide information, support and encouragement – telling people about healthy diets and how to eat them. Or you can change how ...

Dieting for one year can help you stay in shape permanently

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have found that the body's own survival mechanism can be overcome after a year of dieting.

Diet Doc's Specialized Diet Plans Instrumental in Helping Pre-Diabetic Patients Prevent Diabetes ...

... of many other health issues, diabetes is sometimes difficult to recognize. ... For this reason, Diet Doc has developed specialized diet plans that focus ...

VIDEO: 'I start forgetting stuff and that frightens me'

Elan Shoffman has Parkinson's disease, but he is determined to deliver a speech at his daughter's wedding.

Health news and research for April: new studio at Fitness First at Dubai Media City and more

Delivering to the capital: Healthy food delivery service Love Food is now available to Abu Dhabi residents. The company offers six different meal plans ...

The importance of iron in a pregnant woman's diet
1. The importance of iron in a pregnant woman's diet. 2. For Healthy Weight, Eat Nutrients: The Secret That Junk Food Makers Don't Want You To Know. 3. VIDEO: Polio vaccine switch in eradication bid. more ... ...

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