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Mom's Healthy Post-Baby Diet May Lower HTN Risk

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Mom's Healthy Post-Baby Diet May Lower HTN Risk

Women with a history of gestational diabetes (GDM) may benefit from adhering to a healthy diet, according to results of a prospective cohort study.

Fitness Plan Day 111: Eat a low-calorie diet and try kick-boxing to lose weight

Dinner: A healthy variety of pulao or vegetable biryani, rice with mixed veggies perfectly fits the bill of low-calorie and healthy dinner recipes. With the ...

Vegetarians could have mutated DNA which could lead to heart disease and cancer

Experts in the US have discovered people who eat a vegetarian diet are more likely to carry mutated DNA which can lead to serious health conditions.

Diet Tips: Paleo Diet Increases Obesity Risk

Recent studies revealed that the restrictive diet can increase obesity risk ... cited that paleo diet is not advisable as it comes with various health risks.

Me and my health: Pamela Ballantine on her lifestyle

A: My diet is healthy usually, but having recently spent three days in Spain followed by three days at Aintree - I'm glad you didn't ask me that question ...

Healthy diet could lower hypertension risk for women with gestational diabetes

Following a healthy diet that is high in fruit, vegetables and whole grains while low in salt and processed meat could reduce the risk of high blood ...

Laura Prepon On Her New Book, The Stash Plan and Orange Is The New Black

She began seeking answers, pouring through health and diet books. “I was always fascinated by anatomy, and from a young age, before I found that ...

Diet changes for menopause
1. Diet changes for menopause. 2. Can you be too fit for a heart attack?. 3. Why Fat People Stay Fat & Thin People Stay Thin. more ... ...

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