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Expert diet tips to deal with asthma

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Expert diet tips to deal with asthma

Load up on probiotics you get from yoghurt, miso, fermented milk and other dietary supplements. Probiotic is key to boosting your immune system by ...

Healthy Diet Tips: 4 types of foods that improve iron absorption and prevent anemia

When it comes to dietary iron, it is important to know that there are two forms known as heme and nonheme. The body absorbs 10-35% of heme iron, ...

3 Considerations when planning a vegetarian diet

Be less concerned about boasting a label such as vegan or vegetarian and be more concerned with healthy meal planning and achieving good health ...

We Tested the Canadian Health App That Claims to Measure 'Internal Age'

Goodman emphasized that through exercise, attention to diet, and reduction ... I work out almost daily, adhere to a fairly healthy diet, rarely smoke, and ...

VIDEO: E-cigs 'have health benefits' says doctor

Smokers should be encouraged to use e-cigarettes to help them quit, says Dr Nick Hopkinson of the Royal College of Physicians.

Your Cancer Answers: Time to spring clean your diet

Improving your nutritional status may have long-term impacts on your ... It is time to spring clean your diet and those eating behaviors that are taking you ... class will focus on reimagining comfort food with new and healthy twists.

Performance-enhancing drugs now a public health crisis

Performance-enhancing drug abuse is a public health crisis, a medical ... Chief specialist in public health nutrition at the Food Safety Authority of ...

New Fresh Thyme competes on price, health
1. New Fresh Thyme competes on price, health. 2. Change diet, improve life. 3. Preserving a fleeting art form: The garden. more ... ...

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