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Why eating meat is linked to higher risk of death

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Why eating meat is linked to higher risk of death

"While it is important to know how much protein people should consume to achieve the optimal health benefit, from a broad dietary perspective, what ...

Adriana Lima Diet: Victoria's Secret Angel Shows Healthy Eating Is an Obsession

Have you ever wondered what the Adriana Lima diet plan is? Well, you probably should because the bombshell Victoria's Secret Angel is really super ...

Ariana Grande, a Dangerous Woman, with New Album: Fitness & Vegan Diet Secrets to Lose Weight

We imagine that Grande follows such a healthy diet plan because she is constantly on the road, and her non-stop lifestyle would take a toll on anyone ...

Crash diet a big “NO-NO”

Crash diets shock the body, sending it into starvation mode. The severe ... The diet designed to improve your health will actually end up harming you.

This fast food birthday cake is an absolutely glorious abomination

Milton Lai, a software developer from Sydney, has come up with a fast food birthday cake that is upsetting and intriguing the internet today. He used ...

Tempted to cheat on your diet? You won't need to with these recipes

Bahri bid adieu to junk food, what he describes as every teenager's 'comfort food,' when he adopted a balanced lifestyle. Like all of us, he aspired to ...

Five Steps to a Healthy Gut

Certain foods like beetroot, artichokes can support liver and bile which are also important for digestive health so include these in your diet.

5 ways you're sabotaging your 'healthy' lunchtime sandwich

You've got veggies, meat, cheese and bread packed into a sandwich – sounds like you've got all of your food groups covered. But new research is ...

Junk food causes liver damage in kids

(ANSA) - Trieste, August 1 - Research by the Italian Liver Foundation (FIF) at the Trieste AREA Science Park published in the scientific journal Plos ...

Milton Lai's fast food cake is both the best and worst thing ever

Well one guy has developed an actual fast food cake to satisfy all of your ... These include the cake being made entirely out of food from fast food ...

Amdavadis, here's a guide to healthy substitutes

For many of us the idea of a healthy and nutritious diet usually consists of lentils, vegetables, rice and an assortment of Indian breads. However, it's a ...

Nutritional scientists call for new way to define balanced diet

Leading nutritional scientists are calling for a radical re-think in the way we understand diet that looks at how mixtures of nutrients influence health ...

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