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Woman addicted to McDonald's loses 16st in dramatic transformation

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Woman addicted to McDonald's loses 16st in dramatic transformation

Elle Goodall, from Mount Isa, Queensland, used to weigh 28 stone 9lbs, after spending an estimated £60,000 in eight years on junk food.

A lot of junk food comes from grocery stores, not just fast-food joints and convenience stores

Not at fast-food restaurants. Not at vending machines. It's at grocery stores. That's where Americans get most of their high-sugar, low-nutrient junk food, ...

Trendy Part of Modern Society: Pros and Cons of Vegan Diet During Pregnancy

Could a vegan diet of an expectant mother actually pose a risk for a ... veganism during pregnancy is good or bad for one's health, Professor Ebert said. ... "A vegan diet during pregnancy is a very trendy part of our modern society.

Eight Questions with Hsiao-Ching Chou, Director of Communications, Institute for Systems Biology

Food Tank, in partnership with the Sacramento Convention & Visitors ... They subsist on caffeinated drinks and junk food, and they never leave their ...

Delicious food to maintain health and ideal weight — Part 3

Health experts claim organic food is better because you don't put chemicals in your body. But it can be pricey. If you aim to live longer, grow your own ...

Food, music and beer combine for Salford brewery bash this weekend

Simien Mountain Disco, a fundraising event set-up by The Real Junk Food Project chef McTague and food critic Ruth Allan, is set to take place this ...

Sharon Stone ready to date

"I circuit train, I do the machines and I do them fast... "Now and again on the road I'll have some French fries, but I'm not really a fast food-er." ...

Rio Diaries: Vijay Goel's missed photo op, journalist woes at MPC, and the Zika 'scare'

Junk food and International Olympic Committee (IOC) are a classic example of contradiction. Top medicos of IOC Medical Commission educate ...

Analysis: Is Olympics sponsorship all pain for little gain?

“We know first hand from London 2012 what a carnival of junk food marketing the Olympics are,” said the Campaign's coordinator Malcolm Clark.

Couple's Astounding Weight Loss Transformation Sees Them Lose Collective 3ft From Their ...

The pair have since kicked their junk food habits in favour of a healthier lifestyle and have lost an incredible amount of weight in just seven months.

The Paleo diet as a therapeutic tool

Nearly everyone I engage with professionally wants to know what diet will support their health and longevity, improve energy, assist in weight ...

Students stage mock store to protest proposed junk-food regulation

Both the federal and provincial governments have mused about new taxes and labeling restrictions for unhealthy food, alcohol and tobacco products.

Kids put on a vegan diet will face prosecution under potential law
1. Kids put on a vegan diet will face prosecution under potential law. 2. Dark chocolate can be part of a healthy diet.. 3. Healthcast, Mediterranean Diet May Help Improve Memory. more ... ...

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