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How Healthy Is Your Diet, Really?

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How Healthy Is Your Diet, Really?

But for most Americans, trying to follow a healthy diet includes eating so-called "health foods." Which seems logical, right? Unfortunately, these foods ...

The Whopperito: Burger King's newest food fusion

QSR, the parent company of Burger King -- as well as coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons -- is bucking the recent downtrend for fast food ...


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UN urges governments to ban unhealthy food ads for kids

The United Nations (UN) has called on governments of its member states to outlaw the marketing of unhealthy foods and drinks to children.

Not even 1% of American children meet AHA's definition of ideal heart health

The organization has assessed data from a 2007 to 2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The research paper published in the ...

Where Do Americans Buy Most of Their Junk Food?

FRIDAY, Aug. 12, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Americans buy most of their junk food at grocery stores and supermarkets, a new study shows.

Doubts over UK's obesity strategy

“Letting the food and advertising industries set the terms of their commitments on tackling the marketing of junk food to children is no way to prioritise ...

Anti-inflammatory diet could improve periodontal disease

Knowing that diet helps reduce inflammation, German researchers wanted to find out if an anti-inflammatory diet could affect periodontal health.

Many children's heart health not meeting standards

"Children are eating high-calorie, low-nutrition foods and not eating enough healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, fish and other ...

Resort's self-sustaining efforts improves health of 1 500 pupils

The vegetable garden at the Wild Coast Sun continues to flourish under the nurturing care of Alex Nzimakwe (right) and his team (from left) Nomfanelo ...

Pawn Stars Diet: Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison & Chumlee Share Weight Loss Plan Strategies

Unlike Russell, Harrison didn't make a healthy diet change right away. Instead, Harrison opted for a weight-loss procedure called lap-band surgery, ...

Parents Who Raise Kids on a Vegan Diet Could Be Jailed Under Proposed Italian Law

Under the proposed law, parents would be jailed for a year for raising a child on a vegan diet, up to four years if the child develops a permanent health ...

Woman addicted to McDonald's loses 16st in dramatic transformation
1. Woman addicted to McDonald's loses 16st in dramatic transformation. 2. A lot of junk food comes from grocery stores, not just fast-food joints and convenience stores. 3. Trendy Part of Modern Society: Pros and Cons of Vegan Diet During Pregnancy. more ... ...

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