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This athlete is stuffing himself with junk food after the Olympics

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This athlete is stuffing himself with junk food after the Olympics

This athlete is stuffing himself with junk food after the olympics ... the gym had become your very best friend, fatty foods were being banned from your ...

Gardening Could Improve the Nation's Health: London Stone Comments

... that gardening is good for not only physical health but mental health also. ... Studies have also proven that exposure to gardens can have a positive ...

When it comes to grocery shopping, children have a lot of clout

“In general, the food industry historically has not always been ethical in using the things that work to draw kids in, but drawing them to junk food,” ...

Jack Chambers slams RTÉ over decision to allow McDonald's sponsor the Big Big Movie

The flagship programme, a traditional favourite for families at after the Six One News each Saturday, is now supported by the fast food giant.

Diet, exercise reduce proteins linked to Alzheimer's disease, study says

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 16 (UPI) -- A healthy diet, physical activity and normal body mass index have been connected to overall better health, with a new ...

Amy Schumer's a secret eater in Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo audiobook excerpt

Comedian Amy Schumer gets real about her junk food vice in her first book of essays, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, and EW has an exclusive ...

A Med diet could be best for our health

It's a well-known fact that eating an olive oil rich, Mediterranean diet can give your general health a real boost, but according to new research from a ...

Healthy eating program uses locally grown produce

The food was picked from the community garden up the street in Farrell by the weekly “weeding team” which includes Kavon Wright, community health ...

Supermarkets identified as main junk-food source for consumers: Study

Improving access to healthy foods may not be as effective in changing dietary habits as previously thought, as a study identifies supermarkets as the ...

Olympic village McDonald's enforces limit

The fastest people in the world have been eating so much fast food, an item limit has been enforced. The McDonald's in Rio's athletes' village has ...

Drunkorexia: Young men more likely than women to skip meals in favour of binge drinking

Alcohol is full of empty calories, which have no nutritional value,' charity ... The latest National Health Report by Benenden has found the issue to be ...

Improper Diet Causes Poor Heart Health in Kids

Children who eat high-calorie, low-nutrition food and avoid eating healthy are at risk of having poor heart health, a new study has suggested.

Agriculture Ministry, Parents Forum team up for healthy eating campaig
1. Agriculture Ministry, Parents Forum team up for healthy eating campaig. 2. Americans buy junk food primarily at grocery stores. 3. 6 Ways to Train Your Brain for Healthy Eating. more ... ...

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