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Dan Jones: 'Reduce sugar if you don't mind awfully' won't do

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Dan Jones: 'Reduce sugar if you don't mind awfully' won't do

There is something Wonka-ish — or at least wonky — about the Government's plans to address Britain's relationship with sugar, bad fat, fast food and ...

'Business Diet' a Bad Deal for the Heart

In the go-go world of business meetings and nonstop travel, healthy home-cooked meals often give way to unhealthy fare consumed on the road.

'Raids' to target school junk food

FLYING squads of food inspectors could raid school tuckshops to check they are serving healthy lunches under radical plans to stop “junk” food being ...

New nutrition labels will do little to bring quality to American diet

If anything, they may widen disparities in dietary health, because informational approaches favor individuals with a higher level of education and ...

Quotes of week - England obesity, Hain, Beloxxi

... curb junk food marketing and promotions; and away from mandatory measures, back to the past failed voluntary approaches" - the Children's Food ...

Junk food ad ban call

Curbs on junk food advertising do not form part of the document, despite repeated calls from health experts. The Obesity Health Alliance previously set ...

Furness GP calls on government to do more to tackle childhood obesity

A spokesman said: "Poor diet has become a feature of our children's lives, with junk food more readily available, and food manufacturers bombarding ...

Childhood obesity strategy is 'underwhelming' and 'far from robust', claims Jamie Oliver

“Introducing a new sugar tax and reducing the amount of sugar in foods ... targeted at our children, and the restrictions on junk food promotions?

Unhealthy pregnancy diet may be linked to ADHD - study

ADHD and conduct problems are the most common reasons for child mental health referral in the UK and tend to occur in tandem. More than 40 per ...

Sugar-coated codswallop: why children deserve better than the Government's obesity plan

You can buy a packet of biscuits for less than the price of an apple: come on, Mr Hammond, how about a tax on junk foods that's used to subsidise ...

Health Weekly Roundup: 15 lakh Indians awaiting corneal transplant, now 26 week maternity leave ...

This week saw many significant health and fitness related events. ... medical discoveries and the latest news stories on health, fitness and diet.

Mediterranean diet, regular exercise, normal BMI can cut Alzheimer's risk

A new study showed that each one of several lifestyle factors -- a healthy body mass index, physical activity and a Mediterranean diet -- were linked to ...

The People's Nutrition Garden prescribes healthy eating
1. The People's Nutrition Garden prescribes healthy eating. 2. ADHD associated with unhealthy diet in pregnancy. 3. SNP urged to spend Scottish share of sugar tax on tackling child obesity. more ... ...

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