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Woman sheds 14 stone after ballooning in weight - but is now left with

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Woman sheds 14 stone after ballooning in weight - but is now left with masses of saggy skin

Prior to her weight loss Nicole feasted on fast food such as burgers, pizza, bread and ... "I think I used food when I was bored or as a social factor.

11 Foods That Are Versatile & Nutritious, According To Experts

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on bringing some variety into their standard diet, by choosing signature healthy staples, such as lean ...

Junk food hangovers are a real thing

It's all down to the copious amounts of junk food you ate the evening before. See, the food hangover is a real thing. Really. It's not just something you ...

Can you believe all this junk food is vegan friendly?

So whether you realised it or not, your go-to comfort food might just be on the list of products that are suitable for a vegan lifestyle. We take a look at ...

Dropping the plan to ban junk food ads in prime time was a bad move – the UK will regret it

Collectively, studies show a moderate direct impact of adverts on children's consumption of unhealthy foods. But recent research demonstrates that ...

UI researcher gets $1 million grant to study MS diets

Their health and activities will be extensively monitored during the study. Wahls created the Wahls Protocol diet after being diagnosed with MS herself.

It's a new season for frozen vegetables as artificial flavors push out plain

By remaking vegetables in the image of contemporary junk food, ... “Frozen food allows families to prepare as much as they need at that time and then ...

Welcome To The Fat Race: Snacking Commuters Pile On Weight As Longer Rat Race Threatens ...

The rat race is rapidly turning into the fat race as commuters regularly nibble unhealthy snacks to and from work. The temptation of an early morning ...

Classroom Connection | Redefining food literacy

They talked about how junk food tastes good. As a teacher, I realized the food literate education was going to have to go beyond the perception of ...

Commuters Are Consuming Extra 800 Calories Every Week And It's Harming Their Health

Two in five (38%) said they spent less time preparing healthy meals and a third reported increased snacking (33%) or fast food consumption (29%).

Father with terminal brain tumour claims high-fat diet is reason he's alive

He decided to cut out carbs and sugar from his diet and instead chose to eat .... there are no reasons why it might cause them further health problems.

FSSAI Announces Ten New Initiatives to Promote Safe Food Culture

Similarly, in schools they will prepare a negative list of high fat, sugar and junk food (also known as salt foods) to ensure food safety and nutrition in ...

To Diet Or Not? Teens Must Focus on Health And Not On Weight Loss, AAP
1. To Diet Or Not? Teens Must Focus on Health And Not On Weight Loss, AAP. 2. Scotland wants advertising powers following “disappointing” UK obesity strategy. 3. McDonald's Recalls Millions of Happy Meals Fitness Bands. more ... ...

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