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Tips for healthy teeth

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Tips for healthy teeth

Oral hygiene is crucial for normal, healthy teeth without orthodontic appliances, ... A healthy, nutritious diet can add a lot to your overall dental health.

VIDEO: Will Zika affect Rio's Olympics?

Six months before the start of the Rio 2016 Olympics, officials are reassuring athletes and visitors that the city is safe - despite the ongoing Zika outbreak.

Healthy Diet Problem: Nutritious Foods For Healthy Body Are More Expensive Than Junk Food

The Economic Times reports that higher food costs and expenses are linked to healthier diet while lower food costs might negatively affect a person's ...

DIETS: Is this the way to achieve and maintain your healthy weight?

Which diet is the best to help you achieve a healthy weight? It seems that every diet book has its own answer. Do contemporary diets really help you ...

Chick-Fil-A Diet: Is It Really Healthy?

Many health officials note that the company's advice may push on some nutritionists' advice, suggesting that several smaller, low-calorie meals a day ...

Yoga can help keep your heart healthy

... a Flash update, or has Flash disabled. A healthy diet and exercise can help reduce your risk for heart disease, and so can some simple yoga moves.

This Trendy New Diet Encourages Drinking Wine and Eating Chocolate

The sirtfoods that make up the diet sound pretty yummy, not to mention healthy. Apples, citrus fruits, parsley, capers, blueberries, green tea, soy, ...

VIDEO: 'I never thought he would take his own life'
1. VIDEO: 'I never thought he would take his own life'. 2. Don't use body mass index to determine whether people are healthy, UCLA-led study says. 3. VIDEO: Cancers deaths 'down 10% in 10 years'. more ... ...

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