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Weight Loss 2016: Popular FAD Diets Review

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Weight Loss 2016: Popular FAD Diets Review

Fad diets are very popular among individuals trying to lose weight. ... Although this diet has several healthy eating advices, the body regulates the ...

Chloe Madeley reveals how to stick to a healthy eating plan in four simple steps

It is extremely important to understand that a healthy diet is a lifestyle change in that it's not something you can just dip in and out of and expect results ...

Study reveals that a high-fiber diet in high school may reduce risk of breast cancer in women

A high-fiber diet has long been known to be healthful, but this study revealed yet another important health benefit of a fiber-rich diet. The study found ...

Prevent Obesity In Children With These Effective Tips

Children also need a balance diet to grow physically and mentally healthy. Fiber rich foods like cereals are a good option. It's not bad to let them eat ...

The Potato Diet: Everything You Need To Know Here

People reports that Andrew Flinders Taylor created a "Spud Fit" diet in ... A balanced diet is highly recommended for optimal health and weight loss.

Health Analyzing Kelly Slater's Winning Diet

Sitting front row at the Volcom house, I watched him snack on almonds and an avocado in between semifinals: two foods among many that are healthy ...

Trendy 'clean eating' diets that can leave you starved of vital vitamins

'Clean eating' is the latest buzzword in our increasingly health-conscious ... weight or calorie-counting; 'it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle', say its devotees.

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