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Tips for a healthy diet

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Tips for a healthy diet

If your New Year's resolution is to lose weight, you are not alone. It is always the number one resolution. Diane Atwood, who writes the blog Catching ...

5 Ways to Rock Your Latin Vegan Diet

The study involving 65,226 men and women concluded that lifestyles which included at least seven-a-day reduced the chances of serious health ...

Diet Hacks: 7 Small Tips to Improve Weight Loss

Some people are committed to improving their health and fitness for the new year. To jumpstart their diet plan, these diet hacks can be helpful to better ...

Low fiber diets: A bellwether of poor health

That said, we can confidently state that a diet low in fiber signals bad health. Fiber describes a huge variety of carbohydrates found in plants that ...

Eating Fish During Pregnancy Makes Babies Smarter: Study

Fish, which the American Heart Association says have important health benefits, is a regular feature on regional menus. The Mediterranean diet, a ...

VIDEO: Eastenders highlights postpartum psychosis

Those who watch Eastenders will be familiar with the character Stacey and her history of mental illness.

Fad diets change how society approaches health, Stanford graduate student writers in dissertation

Fad diets reveal a societal obsession with pre-modern times, according to new research by Stanford doctoral candidate Adrienne Rose Johnson.

Prevention: Best approach to men's health
1. Prevention: Best approach to men's health. 2. Eating Greens May Help Prevent Blindness: Study. 3. Reasonable goals help in successful results. more ... ...

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