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5 of the Weirdest Fad Diets - Must Read!

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5 of the Weirdest Fad Diets - Must Read! reported that fad diet is weight loss plan that promises dramatic results. Although ... In fact, they can actually endanger your health.

Dietary fiber and lung health: eat well, breath easy

Research published this week in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society demonstrates that a diet high in fiber might reduce the chance of ...

Health check: beat diabetes

A simple diet such as the 5:2 intermittent fasting one can reverse a diabetes prognosis. This diet advocates a daily caloric intake of 2 500 for men and ...

Elyse Knowles talks workout routine, diet and staying healthy

She's an Aussie model, creator of the fashion label Evrryday, and Surf Life Saving Ambassador who has quickly become an Instagram sensation with ...

VIDEO: Zika virus: What you need to know

The Zika virus, an alarming and disturbing infection that may be linked to thousands of babies being born with underdeveloped brains, is spreading through the Americas. But what exactly is it?

Giving a plant-based diet a try

After watching the documentary, which made a powerful case that human health deteriorates when people eat an animal-based diet, but recovers ...

Fixing your nutrition can improve overall health

I am often asked, what one can do to improve eye health? What supplements, herbs, vitamins, or pills to take? What can we do to reduce the risk or ...

5 Celebrity Diets & Why You Should Avoid Them
1. 5 Celebrity Diets & Why You Should Avoid Them. 2. Healthy Eating, Proper Diet can Lead to Better Sleeping Habits. 3. The new dietary guidelines, in a nutshell. more ... ...

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