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VIDEO: Zika virus news conference

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VIDEO: Zika virus news conference

The World Health Organization holds a special session on the Zika virus

Eating healthily all week and binging at the weekend can seriously damage your gut

The study compared the microbiota in rats when given continuous access to either a healthy diet or junk food with a group cycled between the two ...

A healthier diet is costlier!

The study, that was published in the British Journal of Nutrition, raises awareness for public health officials and underlines the need for policies and ...

Effective Hormone Treatments for Weight Loss Now Available Nationwide from Diet Doc

Since Diet Doc uses a doctor to first consult with each patient, and then ... Unlike outdated medical weight loss clinics, Diet Doc delivers the weight loss ... organ function, hormone levels, metabolism, and previous health concerns.

Healthy eating possible in a college environment

While a bowl of Ramen Noodles may be easy and cheap, it doesn't offer sufficient nutrients to sustain energy and a healthy diet. However, there are a ...

Want to lose weight and you think fad diet helps? Think again

Instead of taking expert opinion we opt for these 'fad diets'. ... is different from the long term healthy diet plan that guarantees long term weight loss.".

Supercharged soups for health, weight loss

You've probably heard of juicing, the liquid diet trend that has exploded in recent years. But what about souping? That's right, souping. Sipping soup ...

5 of the Weirdest Fad Diets - Must Read!
1. 5 of the Weirdest Fad Diets - Must Read!. 2. Dietary fiber and lung health: eat well, breath easy. 3. Health check: beat diabetes. more ... ...

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