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My Kitchen to Yours: Binge on TV, not junk food

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My Kitchen to Yours: Binge on TV, not junk food

The power of Netflix is mighty. With a click of a button, Netflix and its horde of streaming service cousins like Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Instant video ...

New supplement could curb junk food cravings

A new supplement that triggers the release of a molecule in the gut may help you curb your appetite, reducing your craving for junk food.

Pasta 'may not be fattening'

The Mediterranean diet mostly features vegetables, fruits, beans, whole ... of a traditional diet and are less likely to rely on junk food and fast foods.

Pasta 'may not be fattening'

In a statement, Dr Gunter Kuhnle, associate professor in nutrition and health at the University of Reading, comments that "these results clearly show ...

Mediterranean Diet Enriched in Nuts Does Not Lead to Weight Gain, According to New Research

INC is the international organization of reference regarding health, nutrition, statistics, food safety, international standards and regulations relating to ...

Burger and sweet adverts on TV before 9pm are damaging children's health says a leading charity

Leading cancer charity has launched a campaign to remove junk food advertising from TV before the 9pm watershed to help protect children's health.

The Healthy Truth: How to follow a celebrity diet

Celebrity diets are always in the spotlight, and with all those red carpet stars looking so darn good, you can't help but wonder how they do it. Of course ...

Pasta doesn't make you fat, say Italian scientists

"As a traditional component of the Mediterranean diet, pasta consumption was ... Pasta is a staple of the Italian diet and has become popular around the ... separately analyzed by the Italian Nutrition & Health Survey project (INHES).

Café serves free meals from real junk food

The team at The Empty Plate Caf which is made up of volunteers. The caf makes its meals from food that would otherwise be thrown away by ...

Kids Who Watch Junk Food Adverts Go Mad for the Trash

When Cancer Research UK aren't researching cancer in the UK, they're keeping tabs on how much junk food our tubby little blighters are eating.

Where does plastic dumped off Plymouth end up?

Earlier this month, scientists warned tiny plastic particles were turning fish into stunted junk-food addicts. Scientists in Sweden reared perch larvae in ...

Bringing an End to Your Unhealthy Eating Habits at Work

It is highly impossible to be fit and fine when you are habituated of consuming unhealthy food. A healthy diet not only makes you look and feel better, ...

Scientists Find Supplement That Can Turn Off Junk Food Cravings
1. Scientists Find Supplement That Can Turn Off Junk Food Cravings. 2. Women's Junk Food 'The Snuggle is Real' Graphic Tank, Size X-Small - Pink from Nordstrom.. 3. Eating this one (very surprising) food could make you thinner. more ... ...

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