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After Bihar's tax on samosas, Kerala 'weighs in' on fat tax on junk fo

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After Bihar's tax on samosas, Kerala 'weighs in' on fat tax on junk food

Kerala government isn't sugarcoating it, as it chews the fat on a sugar tax to trim waistlines. The state's Left Democratic Government (LDF), elected to ...

Kerala imposes 'fat tax' of 14.5% on junk food and Twitter loses it

Here's a first for the country. The CPI(M)-led LDF government in Kerala has imposed what they call 'fat tax' on junk food like pizzas, burgers, donuts etc ...

Indian State Introduces 'Fat Tax'

​The law is aimed at dissuading youth from consuming junk food that has ill effects on health. Nevertheless, the government also hopes to increase its ...

Cash strapped Kerala government imposes 'fat tax' on pizzas and burgers

Next time you are on a trip to Kerala, you may have to get ready to pay more if you want to grab some junk food. Thanks to a fiscally constrained ...

Miranda Lambert Enjoys Healthy Dinner with Chicken and Wine

Country music star Miranda Lambert is no stranger to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy dinner for her includes chicken, vegetables, rice, and a glass of red ...

'Fat Tax' Introduced in Kerala: 14.5% to be Levied on Fast Food Chains like McDonald's

As a measure to tackle the increasing rate of obesity, Kerala is all set to introduce the first ever 'fat tax' to be levied on junk and fast food items.

'Fat tax' for junk food proposed in Kerala budget

A 14.5 per cent 'fat tax' on burgers, pizzas and other junk food and a Green tax for vehicles over 10 years have been proposed in Kerala's CPI(M)- led ...

Junk food to become costlier in Kerala as new budget imposes 'fat tax'

In a first of its kind, the Kerala Government has introduced a 'fat tax' on consumption of Pizzas and Burgers and other junk food sold through restaurant ...

Indian state imposes 'fat tax' on junk food

The newly-elected government in the southern Indian state of Kerala has introduced a 'fat tax' on food items like burgers, pizzas and doughnuts.

Get Ready To Pay 'Fat Tax' The Next Time You Order A Pizza Or Any Junk In Kerala

The next time you go to your favourite fast food joint like McDonalds or Subway in Kerala, get ready to pay a whopping 14.5% of 'fat tax' on the food ...

It's a first! Kerala imposes 14.5% 'fat tax' on junk food

New Delhi: For the first time in India a 'fat tax' on fast food items has been imposed by a state government. The Kerala government has imposed a fat ...

Kerala 'fat tax': Govt's objective not clear, says Devi Shetty

Kerala government has imposed a "fat tax" on consumers eating junk food like pizza, burgers and tacos. A fat tax of 14.5 percent would be imposed on ...

How this small snack brand caught Target's eye
1. How this small snack brand caught Target's eye. 2. Scientists may have come up with a cure for junk food cravings. 3. The most searched for fitness questions on Google revealed and answered by experts. more ... ...

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