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'Fat Tax' Levied by Kerala govt points that all's not Well in God's Ow

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'Fat Tax' Levied by Kerala govt points that all's not Well in God's Own Country

The 14.5% 'fat tax' announced by Kerala on 8 July on fast food like pizzas and burgers is an indicator that when it comes to health, all's not well in the ...

Horse Tracks: Von Miller graces his physique in ESPN's Body Issue

I try to eliminate all junk food, and it just tore me up the first week of the playoffs. You can't put unleaded regular in a Ferrari; you've got to put in that ...

Express Womens Junk Food Long Sleeve Kiss Graphic Sweatshirt

Shop for Express Womens Junk Food Long Sleeve Kiss Graphic Sweatshirt from Express at Westfield . Browse the latest styles online and buy from a ...

Saransh Goila and Shipra Khanna show Gurugram how to #BreakUpWithJunk

Tasty and healthy just don't coexist in our heads, because junk food has always tasted so much better than something like spinach or oats. The image ...

Will fat tax make you thin?

Kerala has become the first state to slap a 14.5% tax on branded restaurants selling junk food – burgers, pizzas, tacos, etc. Sunday Times looks at ...

Fish from China proof that Kenyans are very corrupt

So, when foreign companies wanted to bring in trinkets and junk food in the name of foreign investment, BJP said the country needed computer chips, ...

Fast food habits lead to colorectal cancer cases in Oman

A recent study conducted in the UK has revealed that dependence on fast food and junk food can add to the number of colorectal cancer cancers.

Fat tax may prod Indians to eat healthy, say doctors

Given such ambivalence, should food and drinks that can add inches to your waistline, worsen your heart health and increase your risk for diabetes, ...

Food de-addiction is the new thin

Junk food, alcohol and sedentary lifestyle are leading us to self-destruction, making one in every five Indian either obese or overweight,” she said, ...

Sloan: Cholesterol struggle is real

“I was shocked as I was under the impression only extremely overweight people or those who eat unhealthy food suffer from this,” Quintana said.

Diet tips and meal plan for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

... diet can help manage IBS symptoms. Just follow these guidelines by nutritionist Dr Neha Gupta, Fortis Hospital, Delhi to improve your gut health.

Time to confront a major health hazard

FIGHTING OBESITY Time to confront a major health hazard ... Changes in the microbiome due to poor diet or exposure to antibiotics can be a big ...

Cracks are appearing in Japan's 'healthy' image
1. Cracks are appearing in Japan's 'healthy' image. 2. Keralites give mixed bag to govt.'s move to impose tax on 'junk food'. 3. Food Subsidies Linked to Obesity. more ... ...

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