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Cancer-promoting protein levels reduced by diet and exercise

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Cancer-promoting protein levels reduced by diet and exercise

Making simple changes to lifestyle - maintaining a healthy diet and exercising frequently - can lower blood proteins that are associated with promoting ...

Regalia Biofungicide Products Approved for Home and Garden Uses in Canada

REGALIA home and garden products are not harmful to homeowners, pets, ... REGALIA Maxx was previously approved by Health Canada's Pest ...

Punjab child rights panel bans junk food in schools

The Punjab Child Rights Commission has ordered a complete ban on serving junk food in schools in the state, its chief said in Chandigarh on ...

Report shows urgent need need for Irish agriculture to change to produce healthy food with low ...

The new IIEA/RDS report on “climate smart agriculture”, which has been launched by Michael Creed TD, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Summer is the perfect time to fine tune your diet

In fact, summer is a great time to fine tune and upgrade your diet. ... you put together healthy and satisfying meals, particularly breakfasts and lunches.

The poutine paradox: can Smoke's take the Canadian staple global?

But Ontario fast food chain Smoke's Poutinerie's recently announced plan to grow from 76 restaurants in Canada and five in the United States to 1,300 ...

Is 'fat tax' a new way to fight obesity in India?

A few days ago, Kerala's policy makers proposed a 14.5% 'fat tax' on junk food, burgers and pizzas sold at fast food restaurants in the state, with the ...

Punjab child rights commission bans sale of unhealthy food in schools

CHANDIGARH: The Punjab State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has banned sale of unhealthy food in schools and constituted monitoring ...

Ghostbusters Star Melissa McCarthy Credits High-Protein Diet and HIIT Workout for 75-Pound ...

In particular, McCarthy credits a low-carb, high-protein diet, as well as ... We already know that exercising and a healthy diet played a major part in her ...

Your diet plan isn't working? New research explains why

"The next time you decide to go on a diet or seek to improve your health by altering your food consumption, opt for strategies that focus on including ...

Action needed now on unhealthy marketing to kids

Governments and food companies globally are failing to act on protecting children from the marketing of unhealthy food, according to a new study.

Drew Ramsey Psychiatrist, Columbia University

He is one of psychiatry's leading proponents of using dietary change to help balance moods, sharpen brain function and improve mental health.

Advising patients on a healthy diet
1. Advising patients on a healthy diet. 2. Impact of diet may depend on individual's genetic composition. 3. Upwell woman joins campaigners urging junk food adverts to be banned before the 9pm watershed. more ... ...

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