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Garden provides therapy to inmates suffering from mental illness at Vi

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Garden provides therapy to inmates suffering from mental illness at Virginia Beach's jail

The garden is part of a project called “Operation Green Thumb” started by the Sheriff's Office to help inmates suffering from mental health issues.


Take an umbrella with you, don't spend too much time flyering, cook at your place and don't eat junk food (for health reasons but that would also help ...

The Upside Of Marketing: Tricking Kids Into Eating Vegetables

Marketing food to kids is usually seen as unambiguously problematic; ... ads and media designed to get them to eat vegetables, rather than junk food?

Butter Neutral, Unsaturated Fats Still Better for Health

Dr Pimpin is a data analyst in public-health modeling for the UK Health ... past couple of years about the health effects of specific types of fat in the diet.

Groups rally to defend UK dietary guide after attacks by 'interested industry'

Measures could include sugar taxes, marketing restrictions on junk food and resurrecting campaigns to promote eating five piece of fruit or vegetables ...

Jamie Oliver Reveals The Biggest Problem Holding Parents Back When It Comes To Feeding Their ...

“Being streetwise about food is a life skill that will protect you. ... Jamie Oliver addressed how parents can combat “junk food” - claiming fizzy drinks ...

Furness GP gives tips on achieving a balanced diet

Researchers from the Institute of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Glasgow said the critical message should be for people to cut down on ...

New Supplement Can Shut Down Junk Food Cravings

Do you wish there was a way to take a simple supplement to curb your craving for those “naughty” foods that you desire but know are not good for you ...

EXCLUSIVE: DNA may help determine your best diet plan

They found each genetic group had different health responses to the different diets, which suggests that the genes make a bigger difference than the ...

Matthew 25 Health and Dental Clinic marking 40 years of helping those in need

... which provides free care to needy people who don't have health insurance, hopes soon to construct an education center and garden in front of the ...

Vegan Diet May Be Harmful For Children

The doctors found out that the parents of the baby had kept him on a strict vegan diet and did not provide him any dietary supplements which made ...

Results of European health survey of pregnant women released

The first results of 'Together', an EU-funded pilot project involving The University of Manchester, to promote healthy diets and lifestyles to pregnant ...

Cancer-promoting protein levels reduced by diet and exercise
1. Cancer-promoting protein levels reduced by diet and exercise. 2. Regalia Biofungicide Products Approved for Home and Garden Uses in Canada. 3. Punjab child rights panel bans junk food in schools. more ... ...

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