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Don't Use Pokémon Go To Lure Children To 'Junk Food Restaurants

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Don't Use Pokémon Go To Lure Children To 'Junk Food Restaurants', Group Says

"Children should not be lured to junk food restaurants-or any other sponsor's establishments-as part of a game. Nor should Niantic use the information ...

Tom Colicchio on Food Policy, Live from the Democratic National Convention

Plate of the Union is sending a food truck along the 2016 election trail as a .... Yet in this country that kind of food is more expensive than a fast food ...

Kingdom Crust Co. Puts a New Spin on Takeout

"We kind of figured that, if we're going to be serving junk food, it might as well be the cleanest junk food possible," Kingdom Crust owner and ...

Beat high blood pressure and bad cholesterol: Switch processed meat for seafood

After a full health check, the programme asked Karen to radically change her diet and only consume Mediterranean staples including olive oil, ...

Breast Cancer Tied to Father's Junk Food Diet

Women whose fathers are junk food junkies may be more likely to develop breast cancer, according to a surprising new study out the University of Sao ...

Pep Guardiola denies imposing junk food ban at City

Pep Guardiola denied dictating to his Manchester City players what they can and cannot eat, contradicting claims made by Gaël Clichy.

Heathy Food, Healthy Kids

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - - If you have little ones…You've probably had that struggle getting them to eat their veggies. Holistic health ...

Massachusetts woman reveals how she finally beat her food addiction and shed 168lb

She never exercised and always ate unhealthily, consuming at least 3,000 calories of junk food including sweets, pizza and fizzy drinks a day ...

Millions of Brits 'give up on their diet after just FOUR months'

NEARLY 17 million Brits are currently on some sort of diet but most give up after ... themselves look better, whereas 47 per cent of men do it for health reasons. ... These include plans such as the black coffee diet - which is meant to ...

Heathy Food, Healthy Kids

Holistic health coach Heidi Symonds is here with special guest health ... "I first want to say no one is perfect, no one diet or way of eating is “right.

5 things you may not be getting enough of in your diet

Even if you try to eat a healthy diet, you may be not getting all the important nutrients you need. Recommendations vary according to your particular ...

Can alkaline diet help prevent cancer?

One diet that is drawing attention these days is alkaline diet. There are ... The alkaline diet: is there evidence that an alkaline pH diet benefits health?

Scientists think cockroach milk could become a health food craze
1. Scientists think cockroach milk could become a health food craze. 2. Junk food addict who wore XXXXXL clothes battled through depression to lose more than 13 stone .... 3. Jennifer Garner Post Workout Diet: Fitness Tips and Balanced Meals. more ... ...

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