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Ostaszewski: It's junk time

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Ostaszewski: It's junk time

Congress would proclaim a National Manhole Cover Day before it would honor junk food. There would be a National Anything Else Day enacted ...

Steer clear of these 5 calorie traps and stick to your diet resolutions

It's not just juice with added sugar that needs to be stricken off healthy menus, but all juice except uber-healthy vegetable ones without any additives ...

Ellie Goulding: Vegan Diet, Eating Habits, Workout, Heart Condition, and Health

Did you know that singer Ellie Goulding adopted a vegan diet and was diagnosed with a heart condition? Her eating habits and workout are explored ...

Eating fried food can stop your brain from controlling your diet

We always knew fried food isn't exactly healthy--doesn't take a genius to figure that one out--but this latest research has really boggled our minds!

Here's why some fat risks your health, while others don't

According to the University of Naples Federico II study, a diet high in saturated fat affects a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which helps ...

Bill Brooks: Wilson Garden Party stunning success

Cal 0730 Wilson 8 The annual annual W. Brett Wilson Garden Party is not ... more than $500,000 for myriad charities with a focus on mental health.

10 Favorite Throwback Childhood Junk Foods

Perhaps rightfully so, many parents keep an eye on their children's sugar consumption and attempt to feed their little ones healthy foods. I can't count ...

Foods you might be avoiding, but shouldn't

Potatoes are a good source of vitamin C and dietary fibre, and can be enjoyed as part of balanced meal (cooked in healthy fats), together with other ...

Here`s how you can beat the bloat

Eating junk, fatty and fast foods, which have a lot of oil, can cause bloating,” Dr Debjani Banerjee, Incharge Dietetics, PSRI Hospital, New Delhi, told ...

Dietary Supplements Can Cause Serious Health Issues, Says Consumer Reports

A new report finds dietary supplements sold around the country can carry certain ingredients that can potentially harm your health. These supplements ...

NutriSystem Diet and Heart Health: 12 Things You Should Know

It was ranked No. 31, in a tie with the Acid Alkaline Diet, out of 38 “best heart-healthy diets” ranked by experts for U.S. News, based on weight loss and ...

Growing Food For Better Health On Wind River Indian Reservation

Bergie received the garden as part of the Growing Resilience research study, one of 100 ... But the biggest health disparity on Wind River is diabetes.

Junk Food Day
1. Junk Food Day. 2. Scientists Agree This Is the Most Effective Diet for Weight Loss. 3. Toronto is getting a junk food festival. more ... ...

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