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Health and Wellness Guide

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Health and Wellness Guide

From healthy eateries and farmers markets to specialty fitness centers, the possibilities for healthy diet and exercise routines are plentiful.

WATCH: 'Cot Dammit Elizabeth!' Meet the couple behind those viral videos

What follows is a steady barrage of friendly insults, one-liners, and some stunts, all of them geared towards getting Elizabeth to quit eating fast food ...

Don't Listen To Taylor Swift

Junk food, that is. A whopping 81 percent of the endorsed food was considered grossly unhealthy, aka “energy-dense, nutrient-poor products.

Junk food confessions: Why dip is the perfect food

Dips are the perfect food when you want to put the absolute minimal amount of work ... Once you crack it open, things are going to get real — and fast.

5 health benefits of postnatal yoga

Just like prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga (yoga after pregnancy) also helps you to deal with stress, lose weight and also improve flexibility post delivery.

28 stone man who gorged on junk food while playing computer games loses HALF his weight

Richard Chance, 25, gave up his love of junk food to cut down from over 28 stone to 13 stone 10lbs. The outreach worker from Ceredigion, West ...

Best secret vegetarian junk food

Maybe you've spent a hot summer day in the garden or on a long bike ride or run. Your clothes are soaked, skin red, and stomach an abyss of ...

Study: Current dietary guidelines give wrong idea about effects of consuming Mediterranean diet fats

A Mediterranean diet which is rich in vegetal fats (extra virgin olive oils, ... The Mediterranean diet has well known health benefits and it has healthy ...

Eat fat, get thin: Ketogenic diet can benefit health

The core of the diet is ketogenics, a phenomena developed in the 1920s to manage epileptic seizures that has since been linked to cancer treatment ...

For healthy weight loss the real evidence backs the Mediterranean diet

Enter the Mediterranean diet, which thankfully has been the subject of a number of RCTs and meta-analyses. The diet essentially emphasises healthy ...

Don't forget the battery for the can opener

I know people who stock up on what they cheerfully label “junk food munchies” for sitting out severe weather. A Hurricane Food Supply Checklist ...

Diabetes Health in the News Podcast: Healthy Diet Reduces Blood Pressure Risks after ...

However, a new study completed at the National Institute of Health found that eating a healthy diet could reduce that risk. This study tracked about ...

Healthy fats in Mediterranean diet won't increase weight
1. Healthy fats in Mediterranean diet won't increase weight. 2. Going the Healthy Way : Mediterranean Diet not Linked to Weight Gain. 3. Downtown Spartanburg community garden under construction. more ... ...

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