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A diet lacking in zinc is detrimental to human and animal health

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A diet lacking in zinc is detrimental to human and animal health

New research carried out by the Chair of Animal Nutrition at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has found that even minimal zinc deficiency ...

Celebrities Promoting Junk Food

A recent study shows that almost all food promoted by celebrities in commercials and ads are unhealthy sugary drinks, fast food and candy. Letting ...

Ocean Plastic Pollution Is Like Junk Food For Fish

In a study of baby perch from the Baltic Sea, Swedish researchers found that tiny particles of microplastic are like junk food for fish. Like junk food for ...

No, Veganism is not a Cure-all Diet

Health-shaming has become a serious problem in our community. ... of either cheating, secretly eating animals, or of not eating the right vegan diet.

Start your fast on a healthy note

Nabih Al Momaiz, a trained chef from Canada who runs Nabz&G, a Dubai-based healthy-food catering company, with raw-food chef Ghalia Alul, says ...

How big business shapes your health decision

Take, for example, dietary guidelines that accept 30 percent fat and a high ... of the total fat intake in the form of saturated fat as being “healthy”. It's not!

Play hard, workout harder

It is a mammoth task to stay lean, especially if you are a foodie. If you love junk food then you are definitely aiming for the stars. Aditya Roy Kapoor has ...

Ocean Plastic Pollution is Like Junk Food for Fish, Study Finds

ocean plastic pollution The BBC likens it to the way teenagers are drawn to Doritos and Mountain Dew, but the research is there to support the claim: ...

MomsRising: Join us for an hour of play, healthy eating

Come out to join MomsRising and Smart Start as we celebrate childhoods filled with healthy food, exercise, and fun while remind lawmakers that they ...

Research shows surge in junk-food restaurants near schools

The number of fast-food outlets within a five-minute walk of a school has increased by 58% in the past seven years, new research has revealed.

Choosing The Right Diet Plans To Lose Weight Fast

The medical advice will help you understand the impact of any proposed diet plans on your health. In fact, if it requires alterations, the doctor will be ...

Want healthy heart? Include barley in your diet!

Washington DC: Do you want to improve your heart health and perhaps even live longer? If yes, then start including barley in your daily diet as it is not ...

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