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Petition to reinstate A&E in Welwyn Garden City passed on to Healt

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Petition to reinstate A&E in Welwyn Garden City passed on to Health Secretary

Welwyn Hatfield MP Grant Shapps has handed a petition to reinstate the A&E at the New QEII Hospital in WGC over to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Photos: Historic American landscapes, recreated in technicolor junkfood

Junk food, in the name of art. Two US photographers are filling their carts with sugar-laden cereals, processed meat and fizzy drinks to create a new ...

Supermarket traps: How to steer clear of unhealthy foods

Do you find that you go to the supermarket intending to shop for healthy food but you end up loading your trolley or basket with junk food? Or you only ...

Fertile Ground II: Food and Health in Indian Country

The Navajo Nation Tribal Council passed the country's first so-called “junk food tax” back in 2013. The two-part initiative—eliminating the 5 percent ...

Caped crusader fights scourges like junk food, lack of physical activity in Toronto school

Who doesn't love a caped crusader? Batman, Superman and their Justice League colleagues have been heroes for decades for their crime-fighting ...

We're all malnourished now

Such a rhyming couplet could be a slogan for public-health campaigners, after the claim in the 2016 Global Nutrition Report that a third of the world's ...

Facebook could be making kids fat: report

Junk food companies are using hi-tech analytics to target children directly, explained child psychologist and lead researcher Dr Mimi Tatlow-Golden.

'Central Intelligence' is junk food — tasty but not filling

Dwayne Johnson (top) and Kevin Hart offer up a fun action comedy with “Central Intelligence.” Dwayne Johnson (top) and Kevin Hart offer up a fun ...

NOT LOVIN' IT Teachers horrified after primary school kids are sent to class with cold McDONALD's ...

Staff were so taken aback to see kids being sent to school with the junk food that they have now decided to enforce a 'school meals only' rule.

Sticking to the 5:2 diet could SLASH risk of breast cancer, reveal researchers

The two-day diet, which was developed by Dr Harvie and the charity's ... low-calorie diet, with the remaining five days being spent on a healthy, ...

12 Healthy On-The-Go Snacks You Can Keep In Your Bag

With no snacks in tow, you run straight into the closest convenience store and stock up on delicious (albeit junk) foods. Keeping on-the-go snacks in ...

Health Ministry to propose tax-exemption for sugar-less food products

KUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry plans to suggest a list of 'sugar-less' processed food and drink products which qualify for tax incentives.

Staying Up All Night Linked with Eating Crappy Food and Never Exercisi
1. Staying Up All Night Linked with Eating Crappy Food and Never Exercisi. 2. OK! Exclusive: Beyoncé Secretly Binges On Junk Food While 'Trying To Save Her Marriage'. 3. Junk Food. more ... ...

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