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Celiac Disease

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Celiac Disease

Doctors treat celiac disease by prescribing a gluten-free diet. ... can teach you how to avoid gluten while following a healthy and nutritious diet.

Diet Detective: Get your core fitness workout with these exercises

Your core muscles are also responsible for a healthy, pain-free back and for helping you keep your balance, which reduces your risk of falling.

MIND Diet May Help Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

The diet is a combination of two different diets: Mediterranean diets, which contain little meat and a lot of healthy fats, and DASH diets, which contain ...

Terry and George - likely lads putting northern soul back into food

“From leaving school I had pretty much spent my life on tour eating junk food. Meals were just fuel, they weren't really anything more than that.

The Veronicas request groceries from body shaming troll

Suggesting we eat foods with no decent nutritional value only perpetuates the misinformed youth about health and diet. Having that discussion might ...

Obese mothers may put three generations at health risk

Women who consume fat and sugar-rich diets and are obese even before their pregnancy can predispose upto three generations to the risk of ...

Plant-Based Diet Cuts Type 2 Diabetes Risk By 20 Percent

Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that consuming a plant-based diet – particularly one that is chock-full of ...

Go for a healthy lifestyle

Most diseases are preventable, including infectious diseases, and a healthy diet, according to scientists, makes for 80 per cent of good health.

Top 10 Fattest Countries In The World – 2016 List

In cities, there is higher access to inexpensive, unhealthy food. People don't need to move around as much, and often spend entire days at desks or ...

Humble spud will be downgraded under new healthy eating guidelines

The changes - drawn up by the Department of Health - will feature in a new updated basis for healthy nutrition to be launched as part of the national ...

Go easy on the spuds as diet rules get an upgrade

Our staple food for generations. An intrinsic part of our country's history. But will it play such an intrinsic part of our future? Not if the health experts have ...

Why You Shouldn't Follow a Gluten-Free Diet

Probably not — you actually could be missing out on the vital nutrients and dietary fiber that whole grains provide. UW Health discusses how many ...

Gluten-free diets may be harmful for kids
1. Gluten-free diets may be harmful for kids. 2. The perfect 1-day diet: Does it exist?. 3. Call for UK Eatwell Guide overhaul sparks 'real food' debate. more ... ...

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