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Should we eat like cavemen? – The lowdown on the Paleo Diet

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Should we eat like cavemen? – The lowdown on the Paleo Diet

This diet's main aim is weight loss, not such much to provide internal health. For example, as long as it doesn't have high carbs, the dieter is allowed to ...

Eating A Mediterranean Diet? Healthy Fats Won't Make You Bulge, Study Says

A lot of people have shifted to the Mediterranean diet in recent years, as one of the newer health food crazes takes center stage. But this fad had ...

Health experts back imposition of addt'l tax on junk foods

MANILA — Health experts are fully supportive of the plan of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to impose additional tax on junk foods. “We support ...

Burgers and chips helped me get over England loss - Bale

Gareth Bale has revealed he ate junk food to make himself feel better after Wales fell to a heartbreaking 2-1 defeat against England at Euro 2016.

Should Junk Food Marketing Be Regulated by the Government?

But it's still junk food, and lots of other companies that manufacture foods high in fat, salt, and sugar (HFSS) have also changed their tactics, especially ...

Obese women may affect great-grandchildren

"Our findings indicate that a mother's obesity can impair the health of later ... Despite the healthy diet, the pups, grand pups and great-grand pups ...

Ramadan fasters must anticipate and mitigate health effects, doctors say

Weight gain, sleep deprivation and an obsession with food are also commonly ... said a healthy diet during Ramadan can help maintain mental health.

Oprah Winfrey Diet: See The Result Of Media Mogul's 30 Pound Weight Loss

The Oprah Winfrey diet may soon be used by many as the 62-year-old ... She posted a photo of herself posing with her doctor saying, “Best Health ...

Avoid risk of type-2 diabetes through a plant-based diet!

The findings showed that eating a healthy version of such a diet was linked with a 34 per cent lower diabetes risk, while a less healthy version ...

A rare forage into nutrition

A healthy portion of enquiries I receive by e-mail on an ongoing basis have been based on nutrition and healthy eating. Since our focus on this page is ...

GARDENING: Gardening and healthcare, hand in hand

Midland Health Garden is a community garden at the MMH West Campus with plots open to the public as of this year. Although the deadline for ...

IN DEPTH: Poverty rate in Newton, McDonald counties tops state average in most categories

According to the University of Missouri Extension, food insecurity in ... Page 2 of 2 - "Good food is more expensive than junk food," Link said, "so the ...

Celiac Disease
1. Celiac Disease. 2. Diet Detective: Get your core fitness workout with these exercises. 3. MIND Diet May Help Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease. more ... ...

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