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Philly passes soda tax

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Philly passes soda tax

Soft drinks have been held up as one of the key drivers of the U.S. obesity epidemic, along with other types of junk food and fast food. The soda tax is ...

Millions face obesity-related disease: Report

It wants restrictions on junk food advertising on TV before the 9pm watershed, a tightening of online marketing to align with broadcast regulations, ...

The 'slippery slope' of government mandated packaging — Jan Fischer

Alcohol, junk food and sugary sweets have been pinpointed as prime candidates for stronger regulatory controls by the World Health Organisation ...

5 Disturbing Facts You Didn't Know About Processed Food

Junk food is bad for you, but you already knew that. Mowing down a bag of chips or stuffing your face with a frozen pizza will never be good for you, ...

House Rules' Claire reveals she packed on 5K from junk food due to intense filming schedule

The 28-year-old claims she packed on five kilograms over the series thanks to a junk food-filled diet due to the show's intense filming schedule, which ...

Joy Bauer's healthier General Tso's chicken, plus tips for Chinese food takeout

I'd be willing to bet that Chinese food is near the top of your list. ... comes straight from the pages of my new cookbook,"From Junk Food to Joy Food.

Healthy Eating

So now the food and drug administration is trying to help. ... Eating a higher calorie mediterranean diet is just as effective for weight loss as a low fat ...

What happens when you JUICE a McDonald's meal

If you've ever thought that fast food just wasn't fast enough, this new drink could be for you. A YouTube video shows a brave person juicing burgers, ...

Postmates And Tinder Fight To Erode Your Already Weak Impulse Control

Before Postmates' on-demand delivery app, if you were wasted and wanted Taco Bell, you had to walk to the fast-food spot. Now? "You can just hit six ...

Junk food addict drops 11st after breaking her bathroom scales

Tina-Louise White was so heavy her scales couldn't measure her weight – spurring her on to drop a whopping 11st 1lb over the next three years.

First tobacco taxes, then sugar taxes. Is salt next?

Other countries attack salt usage indirectly such as the "junk food" tax in Mexico. Chile last year became the first country in the world to require warning ...

Don't diet, just do it

When we think about eating healthier and more nutritionally dense food, ... the soda — Both regular and diet soda can wreak havoc on your health.

Should we eat like cavemen? – The lowdown on the Paleo Diet
1. Should we eat like cavemen? – The lowdown on the Paleo Diet. 2. Eating A Mediterranean Diet? Healthy Fats Won't Make You Bulge, Study Says. 3. Health experts back imposition of addt'l tax on junk foods. more ... ...

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