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Kids smoke, drink less, diet more: survey

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Kids smoke, drink less, diet more: survey

The report also raised concerns that most 11-year-olds and older children exercised too little, and that girls more often reported "poorer mental health" ...

Junk food and poor diet is blamed for blighting behaviour of Britain's teenagers

Lead researcher Dr Jonathan Tammam says: “This adds to the body of evidence that nutrition can have a serious impact on the brain health and ...

What your parents ate before you were born might affect your risk of obesity and diabetes

To isolate whether parental diets in themselves could affect offspring health outside of a behavioural context, the researchers fed groups of genetically ...

VIDEO: Mother's plea for routine Men B jabs

Parents are to tell MPs why they think the Meningitis B vaccine should be given to all UK children up to the age of 11.

Garden landscaping is a professional art: expert

Arif Masud, a professor in architecture from Comsats, has said that garden landscaping is a professional art but can be developed by any person he or ...

Tauranga's Our First Home gardening champ

Mrs Tingey said gardening had been a passion of hers for more than 30 years. She was one of the co-founders of the Tauranga Garden and Art ...

Conservationists say food pollutes waterways and is unhealthy for the birds

The trust has been backed by the government's Animal and Plant Health ... The RSPB warns that ducks fill up on white bread, which little nutritional ...

Want to eat healthy but end up buying junk food? You are not alone
1. Want to eat healthy but end up buying junk food? You are not alone. 2. Did You Just Buy Junk Instead Of Healthy Food?. 3. Diet Doc's Modern Diet Plans Continue to Help Struggling Dieters Safely, Comfortably and Quickly .... more ... ...

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