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Fats don't make you fat

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Fats don't make you fat

Did you just read that a leading doctor says a high-fat diet is the way to go to be healthy and to have the ideal weight? You did. The world, as far as ...

Orthorexia: When healthy food becomes unhealthy

"What may start as a genuine desire to be healthy can quickly spiral out of control, resulting in dietary restriction, malnutrition and poor quality of life," ...

Academies and free schools do not have to offer healthy meals

A loophole that lets nearly 2,500 academies and free schools off the hook over signing up to healthy school meals should be closed as part of the ...

Personal trainers on the NHS in war on diabetes

Health officials said the plans, which will start in 27 areas, with national ... a better balanced diet and losing and keeping off excess weight - helping ...

Lga urges government to close 'worrying' food standards loophole at academies

A loophole which exempts some academies from signing up to strict school food standards must be closed to ensure all youngsters are eating healthy ...

Breaking Up With Diet Coke: How One Addict Kicked the Habit

Despite following a healthy, plant-based diet for years, it was my one vice; I often chose a sweet (and surprisingly filling) soda in place of a meal.

How a Vegetarian Diet Could Help Save the Planet

Researchers assessed four different scenarios with humans consuming varying levels of meat to evaluate the links between diet, health and the ...

How To Introduce More Fish Into Your Diet (And Why You Should)
1. How To Introduce More Fish Into Your Diet (And Why You Should). 2. Diet Doc's Professional Guidelines for Buying Safe and Effective Online hCG. 3. Shilpa Shetty Kundra revealed her top 3 diet tips and you should definitely follow suit. more ... ...

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