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Do we really need milk?

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Do we really need milk?

Once considered "nature's perfect food," milk is falling out of favor with ... “Health Canada and the USDA say dairy is essential to a healthy diet.

Creed's Scott Stapp talks candidly about bipolar disorder: "It shattered me"

“We can treat this with lifestyle changes, health and diet changes and medication and you can be returned to normal, so to speak,” Stapp said.

Healthy diet helps pets live longer, happier lives

While health and nutrition for people is commonly discussed, many pet owners are unaware of the health and nutrition needs of their dogs or cats.

Good health is the name of the game for Virat Kohli – Check out his fitness mantra!

We know it's bad for health, but do seem to give in to temptation when we can't seem to resist. Virat Kohli, however, detests junk food. He maintains a ...

Summer diet! The lesser-known fruits and their health benefits

According to ayurveda, bitters improve digestion and promote good health. In many communities, the traditional advent of the new year in mid-April is ...

6 steps to take to keep your gut healthy

Eat a healthy diet low in fats – Fatty foods such as fried foods, burgers, sausages and oily dishes are digested slower, and can cause stomach pain ...

Scott Mathias' Raw Vegan Meals cookbook can be good for your health

The chef and deli owner has lived for the past nine years eating only raw, vegan food, as well as no wheat, grains, processed foods or white sugar.

Best health diet plan
1. Best health diet plan. 2. Poet Walt Whitman health tips unearthed. 3. How To Treat Diseases Through Nutrition: 3 Healthy Diet Plans To Manage Diseases. more ... ...

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