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Dr. Sal: The diet, heart disease connection

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Dr. Sal: The diet, heart disease connection

The ironic fact is that CVD is preventable when people eat healthy, real, unprocessed food, especially vegetables and fruits. The goal, as I tell my ...

World Asthma Day: 5 expert tips to tackle asthma

Eat dairy free food: Many people suffer from food hypersensitivity which triggers an immune response leading to an inflammation. It might affect the ...

Health: Breast Cancer Research

After eight years, 82-percent of the women in the low fat diet group who ... on a low fat diet over a long period of time ... to reap these health benefits.

'Microbiome' Needs Coffee, Wine: Here's How Gut Health Can Improve

In addition, the study collected information on the participants' diets, medicine use, and health. The researchers identified 126 factors linked to gut ...

Do carbs REALLY lead to weight-gain? Expert reveals whether banning bread is best

Dieticians and health experts alike have endorsed low-car regimes such as Atkins and the Zone diet as surefire ways to shed the pounds. With so ...

How to Know If a New Diet Will Actually Work for You

If you've ever read a fitness magazine or searched for any health-related information on the Internet, this is probably how you feel. Or maybe it's more ...

Forget the size 10 frock - it's my health fears that have me back on diet treadmill

It's years since I'd been on a diet. In fact, I'd given up dieting, rather scornfully boasting that life is too short not to enjoy whatever food takes your fancy ...

Do we really need milk?
1. Do we really need milk?. 2. Creed's Scott Stapp talks candidly about bipolar disorder: "It shattered me". 3. Healthy diet helps pets live longer, happier lives. more ... ...

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