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New Research Suggests Eating Red Meat Ups Chances Of Dying

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New Research Suggests Eating Red Meat Ups Chances Of Dying

Red meat lovers have yet to move on from the World Health Organization's ... rate - even a tiny addition of meat in the diet can increase risk of dying.

If You Are Dieting, Steer Clear from These 'Healthy' Foods

You need to not only exercise but also eat health, nutritious food. However, diet experts have pit put together a list of foods that are considered healthy ...

Keep healthy options first to distract kids from junk food

Do you want your children to eat more healthy food and less fast food? Researchers have recommended placing healthy food more visibly, attractively ...

LIVE WELL: Nutrition has a role in mental health

Recent evidence suggests that, among other things, good nutrition is essential for our mental health and that a number of mental health conditions ...

Summer diet tips to help you cool down and stay healthy

Take healthy food and drinks to work instead of loading up on fatty, greasy food and sweetened cold drinks from the canteen. Cut the intake of fried ...

DOCTOR WARNING: Gluten-free fad diet is bad for you

... gluten-free diets favoured by celebrities may be putting people's health at ... The trend has seen followers of the diet cutting products such as cakes, ...

Gardening ideas from Evelyn: Gifts for an abundance of May events

Look for pieces of driftwood or that unique branch that can become your work of art in the garden or container. Of course you can always take the quick ...

Dieting: New mantra for a healthy sex life!
1. Dieting: New mantra for a healthy sex life!. 2. The first steps to healthy living. 3. No-carb Noakes to star in reality TV show. more ... ...

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