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Attention Women of All Ages: Take Control of Your Health

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Attention Women of All Ages: Take Control of Your Health

Like everyone else, women should maintain a healthy diet and remain active. When they don't feel well, they should see a doctor. And then there's ...

3 Ways to Know and Outsmart Unhealthy Food Cravings

Here are three reasons you lust for unhealthy food and as bonus we have brought to you three healthy, lip-smacking, easy-peasy-lemony-squeezy ...

VIDEO: 'None or the wrong medication'

NHS patients in England are being sent home from hospital afraid and with little support, an ombudsman report reveals.

Abdominal pain and bloating? You could be gluten intolerant or suffer with THIS disease

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease - not an allergy or a food ... She said: “There's no reason why a gluten free diet can't be healthy and well ...

British Soldiers Prescribed Diet Pills And Liposuction To Combat Weight Problems

Men and women who serve in the military are expected to be fit and healthy in order to meet the physical demands of their work. However, a new ...

The US diet is harmful to your health — but not how you think

In his new book “The Mindspan Diet: Reduce Alzheimer's Risk, Minimize ... “Life expectancy is only one measure of health, and it doesn't include ...

Why Women Should Avoid Sugary Drinks During Pregnancy

Dr. Rupali Datta, Chief Nutritionist at SmartCooky agrees, 'During pregnancy, women need a good, healthy and nutritious diet. So consuming sugary ...

Natural ways to improve prostate health
1. Natural ways to improve prostate health. 2. FDA looks to redefine the term 'healthy' on food. 3. How to lower your cholesterol naturally, without statins: Just add THIS to your diet. more ... ...

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