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The battle over our bodies

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The battle over our bodies

Professor Simon Capewell of the UK Faculty of Public Health said: 'We fully support Public Health England's new guidance on a healthy diet.

You Asked: Is a Vegan Diet Better?

But if you're wondering whether a vegan diet beats all others when it comes to your health, there's a lot of room for debate. On the pro-vegan side of ...

What's the best diet to keep you fit and healthy?

Advice from health experts on what food is good for you and which is bad, ... A balanced diet and regular exercise is one way of avoiding obesity.

Smile! Caring for Your Family's Teeth is Essential for Health and Wellbeing

But there are lots of things that help improve oral health, including not smoking, watching how much you drink and eating a healthy diet, which will ...

The 7 diet myths YOU probably believe - and are stopping you from losing weight...

Writing for Healthista, the author of The Diet Myth, examines the seven diet myths ... These chemicals can have very different health and weight effects.

Pregnancy Diet

And men are not off the hook when it comes to the health of their future children. New research reveals a father's age and lifestyle can affect his own ...

Surprising Nutrition Facts – On Nuts, Coffee and More

Perhaps the most surprising health effect of nuts is that within the amounts ... absolutely avoid gluten in their diet to prevent the health complications.

At 20, Pittsfield Garden Tour to hold final tour

The Yarmosky residence is one of the featured gardens in. ... Proceeds from past tours have benefited art and gardening projects throughout the city.

Expert recommended diet tips to follow after a bariatric surgery

While there is a set of lifestyle modifications you need to follow post the surgery, the kind of diet you follow is of utmost importance. Most of the time, ...

Scientists: Eat Fat and Smoke Marijuana to Get Healthy

They were so bold to say that promoting low fat “healthy” diets is the biggest medical mistake in history. The healthy push for low-fat diets is noted in ...

Obese man loses 13st after ditching 3000 calorie diet to become weight-lifting champion

He admits he often spent three hours on one meal, consuming an ... 'I wasn't healthy at all, I'd be eating all of that chicken as the big meal during the ...

How the world can eat away at emissions

One U.K. study found that if average adults simply aligned their eating habits with World Health Organization dietary guidelines, they would reduce ...

Promoting low-fat diets has 'disastrous health consequences', report f
1. Promoting low-fat diets has 'disastrous health consequences', report f. 2. Can you believe it? THIS instant meal contains more salt than TWELVE packets of crisps. 3. 10 foods you should never refrigerate, and why. more ... ...

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